E-waste in UAE: Current Scenario, Issues, and Strategies

Ways for Effective E-Waste Management in UAE!

Millions of laptops, computers, and mobile phones are discarded in UAE each year. With a significant increase in the disposable income, people are frequently replacing their old gadgets with the latest technology and upgrades launched in the market. This is one of the primary reasons that UAE generates 17.2kg e-waste per capita every year. It ranks among the highest producers of e-waste in the middle east region.

So, what happens to all that e-waste? How is the UAE managing a million tons of e-waste at the regional level? These are the most pressing questions discussed here to enable people to understand the current e-waste management scenario more comprehensively.

Why Is E-waste A Concern?

E-waste consists of toxic waste including hazardous metals and non-metals. When e-waste disposal reaches landfills and incineration sites it affects our health as well as environment. The harmful elements are released into the atmosphere, water and soil leading to pollution and innumerable adverse health conditions.

Besides harmful materials, e-waste also comprises a definite amount of valuable resources such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. As per reports, 3% of the gold and silver extracted through mining is used in computers and mobile phones worldwide. Hence, if e-waste is recycled instead of dumping into landfills, a lot of valuable material is recovered – the mining of exhausting materials also reduces leading to energy savings and conservation of resources. A recently conducted research reveals that generation of e-waste has a strong impact on the economic development of a country. Thus, if e-waste management is executed properly it opens up new channels of employment for skilled and unskilled workers. Ultimately, it enhances the economic growth of a country.

How Is E-waste Management Handled In UAE?

The most active involvement regarding proper e-waste disposal in the middle east region is found in UAE. Currently, the country is working on developing e-waste regulations and legislation for sound e-waste management. The local authorities of the region are handling e-waste through safe recycling, enhanced waste separation and collection systems.

For example, Abu Dhabi already has a strategic plan that aims at diverting 85% of the e-waste from landfills by 2018.

Dubai Initiated its integrated waste management plan in 2012 to reach zero landfill target in a span of 20 years. Owing to the fact, Municipal authorities are working towards establishing the largest e-waste plant in Dubai. The plant which will convert solid waste into energy will be operational in the second quarter of 2020.

Furthermore, in 2011, Sharjah declared one of its most ambitious plans to attain zero landfill target by 2015. To achieve the goal, the city has its own e-waste management plant that recycles and processes e-waste.

How Are Market Leaders In This Field Contributing Towards The UAE Initiatives?

Well, it is not just the government that is paying heed to e-waste. Private recycling companies in UAE are playing a substantial role in treating e-waste in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Every waste electronic product is dismantled before it is recycled. Take for example computers, the plastic components, circuit boards, batteries are all classified before sending it for recycling. Valuable metals like gold, silver and copper are recovered from the circuit boards using a heat and chemical process. In case of batteries, cadmium is recovered from nickel-cadmium batteries and lithium and cobalt from lithium-ion batteries.

In televisions, the materials that are made of plastic are separated from those made out of glass. In case the TV comprises a cathode ray tube, the lead glass is sorted out from the normal glass.

The most beneficial aspect of e-waste recycling is that 95% of the materials are recovered.

How Recycling Companies In UAE Handle Computer Data Security?

How Recycling Companies Provide Data SecurityThe recycling solutions offered by the companies include a safe and standard procedure for your computer data security. Before the potentially sensitive items such as hard drives are processed, all the data is destroyed by software experts.

The company ensures secure data destruction and also provides a data wiping certificate at the end of recycling procedure. This gives you a complete guarantee that your data cannot be breached.

How is Veracity World contributing towards the betterment of overall well being of citizens in UAE?

Contributions of Veracity World in driving effective e-waste management in UAEVeracity World stands among those versatile industry experts that have the right solution for all your problems related to e-waste management. The company offers optimum IT asset management strategies including recycling solutions, refurbishing solutions as well as IT repair solutions.

The ultimate effort showcased by Veracity World is helping UAE to reach its zero landfill aim. Even more, the company is helping the region to eliminate the adverse impact on health and environment contributing towards the well-being of citizens. It is enabling individuals and corporates to gain a better return on investment through strategic e-waste disposal.

If we have been successful in reaching out to you, act now to treat your e-waste in the most eco-friendly way with Veracity World.

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