E-waste Can Be Given A Second Life When You Know How

Great ways to give your old electronics a second life

‘E-waste’ as we call it, in reality, is a mine of precious metals and discrete components which can be processed and used over and over again for years together. And what is more – It saves you some bucks, curtails the negative impact on earth and leaves behind the moments of your accomplishments.

Knowing the fact, if you want to give your e-waste a second life and stop it from going into a nasty landfill, you will have to discover the possibilities and endless opportunities lying ahead.

Give Your E-waste A Second Chance

According to EPA, every American household owns approximately 24 electronic products which keep changing every 2-4 years. The same statistics hold good for other developed countries in the world. Nevertheless, the present statistics can be changed for the better if consumers start giving a second life to their old electronic devices. How? Here are some ideas to giving used electronics a second life:

  • Donations – Your old computers, laptops and other accessories could be a useful asset for someone else. So, instead of throwing away the electronic products donate it to local and private schools, orphanages and charitable organisations. Check for places like these which reuse the devices for a good cause. There are many non-profit organisations that accept old electronic devices and give them a second life by sending it to schools and orphanages. This is an opportunity for those who are philanthropic and charitable.
  • Reselling And Recycling – Your e-waste can bring you in some profit if you resell it to retail stores, online sites and recycling centres.  Besides, there are many electronics suppliers who take back used electronics and send them for refurbishment. In addition, Dubai Municipality has launched an app called ‘Taheel’ (refurbishment) which gives access to Digital Devices Refurbishment Centre (DCRC) through mobile phones. The app assists in sending your old digital equipment for donations, recycling and refurbishing.
  • Apple’s tack back policy – Apart from being the leader of smartphones, Apple is also famous as a ‘refurbisher’. So, if you own an iPhone or iPad which is probably not in the working condition, then Apple happily takes back such devices, refurbishes and sells them back at a reasonable rate. Apple has introduced a robotic system called ‘Liam’ which dismantles the iPhones and retrieves all the materials which can be recycled and given a second life. Liam successfully manages to recycle about 1.2 million handsets in a year. So, return your old Apple devices straight to the company.
  • Explore the possibilities of repairing your discarded old electronicsRefix/Repair – Most of the people discard old electronics without exploring the possibility of repairing it. This results from a lack of education and awareness among the people regarding the proper e-waste management solutions. To bridge this gap, many workshops and local community engagement events are run across many places in the world to spread awareness. Moreover, these events educate the residents about how to carry out a basic repair for the old devices and save them from being trashed. One such example is the Repair Cafe Foundation, an organisation founded in 2009 in Amsterdam which promotes old electronic device refix programs across different countries and motivates people by demonstrating the easy methods of refixation. By far, the foundation has accomplished its goal in 24 countries. Another London based social group, The Restart Project is contributing in the same area by creating awareness and repair workshops in different countries.

Prepare An E-waste Management Plan For Your Business

Big budget companies and industries tend to produce more e-waste than the domestic sector. Hence, every business ought to have a plan to dispose of the e-waste safely.

Following are the steps to effectually help businesses give waste a second life:

Step 1 – Evaluation Of E-waste

Take time and find out how many old IT assets are discarded monthly/annually in your company. If possible you can make arrangements of e-waste bins in the company. This will give you an easy access to the information regarding the regular production of old end-of-life electronic waste in the firm.

Prepare an e-waste management plan for your businessStep 2 – Reduce – Reuse

After a thorough analysis of the waste produced, examine the waste and pick up the things which can be repaired and still put to use. This will not only reduce the amount of waste but also save you from investing in new IT assets. Alternatively, you can look for some local waste buyers who collect the e-waste in bulk, repair and reuse.

Step 3 – Look For E-waste Recycling Solutions

Every city of UAE has local and private recycling centres where the old electronic items are recycled and refurbished in an eco-friendly environment. These centres give their clients customised e-waste recycling solutions along with evaluation and mailing services. One of them is Municipality offices of Dubai where arrangements are made for pick up and drop off e-waste. Look for centres currently active in your area.

Step 4 – Understand The Protocols

Given, a refurbisher is actively providing e-scrap collection service in your area, find out about the official protocol followed by the company in treating the e-waste with most environment-friendly and safe methods. If you find the service genuine, you can take the deal further.

Step 5 – Legal Agreement

Waste Collection, Recycling and refurbishing by a recycling company is a legal matter. Have your e-waste treated by a certified company who agrees upon the specific legal process. This confirms compliance and reliability.

Systematic planning and management of e-waste are corporate sector’s responsibility towards reducing hazardous consequences of improper disposal.

Methods Involved In E-waste Recycling

When you are giving away your used computers, mobile phones, television, air conditions, DVDs, home appliances etc to recyclers, it is necessary to have knowledge about how each product is recycled and reused. All these items undergo a rigorous recycling process which is as follows:

  • Assortment Of Components – When the e-waste arrives at the recycling site, all the parts are sorted out manually and batteries are separated and sent for quality check.
  • Dismantlement – After separating process, every component is dismantled by hands and all the useful materials are recovered and categorised. This step demands an intense manual handling.
  • Fine Reduction Process –  The components which cannot be dismantled manually are cut down to less than 2 inches in diameter along with other dismantled parts. This ensures precise categorisation of e-waste.
  • Magnet Extraction – At this stage, over-band magnet is used to remove all magnetic materials like iron and steel.
  • Separation Of Metals And Nonmetals – The Metals are separated from the non-metals present in the debris and used as raw materials for fresh manufacturing of products.
  • Separation By Water – Water is employed to separate plastic from glass. The reusable materials like glass, plastic, steel, copper, iron, fragmented pieces of circuit boards and other valuable metals are served as raw materials in manufacturing fresh products.

Veracity World Is Here To Give Your E-waste A Renewed Life

Veracity World is a renowned UAE based recycling industry which firmly believes in the resourceful management of new, defective, old and dead electronic products. The company entertains bulk purchase of e-waste from corporate companies and distributes the IT equipment to regional and global markets. It meets the global standards of an eco-friendly e-waste management sector. Thus, imparting a second life to the electronic products through recycling, refurbishing and remarketing strategies.

The electronic waste which you resell to Veracity World finds another home or office in some part of the world where it’s most needed. So, give your e-waste a second life and encourage others to do the same.

Team Veracity