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When it comes to disposal of end-of-life electronics, it is crucial that they don’t end up in a landfill. Proper IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling prevent the information from falling into wrong hands, and minimise the impact on the environment. Therefore, recycling of end-of-life electronic assets is critical, and if carried out in a sustainable way, can help reduce carbon footprint, and costs to customers.

Veracity World leads the market in this important area. Given our expertise and years of experience in e-waste recycling and management, we provide exceptional disposal and recycling services to our customers. These comprehensive recycling solutions and services drive corporate social responsibility and help companies maintain their environmental commitments.

The effective e-waste management solutions meet all of your disposal needs and ensure compliance and security. From e-scrap purchasing to full spectrum recycling services, Veracity World is constantly evolving to provide customers with cost-effective and reliable solutions in processing IT and electronic products.

The company is backed by professionals who are passionate in IT and electronics recycling, and have a proven track record in achieving leading recycling rates in UAE. We follow industry best practices, and this allows your business to make the best use of recycling opportunities, and to generate value from the sale of scrap IT and electronic assets. Our mission is to deliver superior, professional and in-time services for our valued customers.

We understand the challenges faced by your managers, while liquidating your IT assets and electronic equipment, hence we have designed a very simple process to help you.

E-waste Collection and IT Asset Management

Our team visits your office, evaluates the IT assets and provides you an offer within 2-3 working days. You can rest assured that the entire process will be managed conveniently, maximizing the value of the obsolete electronic assets and components. We offer pick up service and buy aging, end of life, customer returned as well as surplus IT & electronic goods from Electronic & IT equipment Distributors, Retailers & Manufacturers from across the region.

After assessing the age, appearance, and overall condition of the product, we typically take one of the following two routes:

1. Recycling:

We utilize secure methods to maximise the recyclability of IT and electronic assets while maintaining privacy of information. High quality service and reliability sets us apart in the market.

As a process, we dismantle the products and segregate the reusable components from the ones that need to be destroyed. All the e-waste, or the components that cannot be reused are responsibly destroyed in an eco-friendly manner.

To ensure that the value of the dismantled product is maximised, we sell products like, hard disks, motherboards, server parts, storage devices, switches, routers, hubs, modems etc. to prospective buyers and recycle items like plastics, metals, batteries, LCD displays etc.

2. Refurbishing and Reselling:

By way of meticulous inspection of the IT assets, we ensure that all the reuse possibilities are explored. Before disposing the potentially sensitive items like computers, laptops, mobile devices etc, we ensure a safe and secure data destruction, so that these devices or other network equipment do not result in a data or privacy breach.

We have our in-house capability to repair and refurbish your laptops, computers, mobiles and other electronic devices. The goods that are worthy of refurbishing go through several phases of testing, through which the sub-optimal components are replaced or upgraded before being offered for resale or reuse. This extends the usable life electronic devices, and helps the buyer to procure the required products at a much affordable price and thus save money on IT and electronic equipment.

We sell pre-owned and fully refurbished laptops, computers and other electronic devices. We maintain ready stock of like-new, used, refurbished and used IT and electronic products, to ensure quick fulfilment of requirement.

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