Tips for Hiring the Best IT and Electronic Repairing Company for Your Business

Top Tips to Hire IT and Electronic Repairing Company

If you are a business owner and are planning to hire or outsource your IT and electronic repairing needs, you might be probably aware of the dos and don’ts. Entrusting your IT assets to an unknown electronic repairing company is equivalent to placing your business into the hand of strangers. Perhaps, with no proper knowledge about compliant IT and electronic repair services you might end up putting your business at risk for ‘generator liability’ including substantial financial penalties. Explore more about when is the right time to opt for repairing of your electronic assets [Recycle or Repair: Read More]

Here are a few tips that will make your business run smooth and also enable you to make the right choice from the ample of IT repairing companies available in the market:

1. Use your resources to identify the best possible service provider

At one point in time, every business requires an IT recycler or repairer to process their IT and electronic assets. Make use of your resources and get in touch with other businesses to find out about the electronic repairing companies through the word-of-mouth. Getting a word-of-mouth from other companies is definitely worth more than just performing a theoretical research. This will help you to identify which IT repairing company is the best service provider in your geographical locality.

2. Plan a budget that needs to be invested, consider all the cost that might be involved

Budget planning is very important when you need to repair your old gear of IT assets. At the outset, make an inventory list that helps you calculate the amount to be invested. Consider all the cost that might be involved – like when you are planning for PC and laptop repairing, include details such as replacement of a battery or other computer hardware.

While you are planning your budget keep one thing in mind that the costs of repairing services keep fluctuating – sometimes it is different in different companies. In addition, the cost of repair generally depends on what type of device you are repairing. The companies consider both cost of parts and the labour. Hence, plan your budget accordingly.

Ignore or rule out the lowest bids: While cost is a major factor in hiring any outsource service, quality should be your primary concern. Often some electronic repairing companies offer extremely cheap yet attractive service to lure the customer. So in this case, you need to beware from such companies as they may be executing the repairing process with no proper legal documentation and procedures. Or they may be lacking the right expertise to conduct the IT repair services skillfully. Thus, your judging criteria should be both on cost as well as the quality of service.

3. Verify the claims

Some of the repairing agents claim to be EPA certified. If the agent claims to EPA certified or displays it on the website, beware. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have a certification program for electronic recyclers and repairers. Thus, verify all the claims regarding the certifications by due diligence and request them to provide the claims in writing.

4. A thorough interview is crucial

Without a proper planning, even a face to face communication with the prospective IT repairing company may not prove to be satisfactory. While having a conversation we often tend to forget the most crucial points that are important to verify the deal. Thus, plan out a detailed questionnaire that you need to ask the repairing agent. Ask them about operations, techniques used, the time frames involved etc. Some of the questions mentioned below will serve you as tips to interview with the repair company effectively while also help you to verify its qualifications.

  1. Do you provide repair services in the geographical area where my business is situated?
  2. What environmental accreditations do you have?
  3. Will you charge for transportation? If yes, then what are your charges?
  4. Are there any items that your company is not qualified to repair?
  5. Can you provide a general description of your business? Like, what is your point of contacts, the number of employees, facility site information and history, years in the business and ownership details?
  6. What are the types of operations and services you offer?
  7. Can you describe your repair charges for each electronic device that needs to be repaired?
  8. Do you provide on-site collection and repair service?
  9. Can I track each of my product starting from the pick-up to the delivery?
  10. Can you provide quality assurance at the repair level?
  11. Can you provide information on your compliance history? Does your company have a history of civil violations?

5. Hire transparent IT repairing companies

Do not overestimate a company that provides a long list of evidence too good to be true to prove its compliance. Hire a company that is straight in mentioning the problem involved and the time that is required. Try avoiding the vendors who sound confusing or the ones who over-commit.

6. Choose a company that takes the proper time to analyze your requirement

A company must be wary of the vendors who are ready to quote instantly. Precise quotations can only be shared once the requirement is properly analyzed. You must try to look for such market resources who are ready to invest their time in that analysis.

7. Go through the terms and conditions carefully

Terms and conditions are always important to note before you proceed with the deal. Thus, if huge cost is involved clarify all the terms and conditions carefully. Like, verify whether the parts and components replaced in the product have a warranty period or not. Ask the vendor to provide a guarantee and a warranty certificate.

8. Look for authorised vendors

Of course, as you run a business you might be aware of why you should look for an authorised IT repairing company. Authorised repairing companies rightly have the authority and legal permission to carry out the IT and electronic repair services. Additionally, they are accredited with certifications accredited by global and national level organisations.

9. Time is money

Not to mention if you schedule your repairing services at the peak time of your business that’s definitely going to have an adverse impact on your business activities. Besides, planning and executing at right time is equally important to plan your budget. Also, many a time you need to deal with an unforeseen situation that requires your time and effort. So,  schedule your repairing services during the low time of your business.

Why Is Veracity World The Right Choice For Your Business?

Veracity World is a well-known company of UAE situated in the heart of Dubai. The company qualifies all the criteria discussed above par excellence. It is one of the oldest IT and electronics repairing and recycling company in the market.

Veracity World is an authorised recycler that provides customised repairing, recycling and refurbishing solutions to businesses and individuals at a highly reasonable cost. The company has a clean and compliant history with a highly satisfied customer base.

The unmatched skillful technicians, quality experts and professionals from the field of IT carry out electronic repair services seamlessly. In addition, every step involved in the repair is legally documented with all the necessary information including the warranty and guarantee of the service. Plus, you also have the facility to track your electronics repair from start to finish.

So, whether you have a huge set of retired IT assets to be recycled or a pair of electronic assets to be repaired, every operation is accomplished by the company in a timely, organised and efficient manner.

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