Refurbished Electronics – Unlocking The Growth Potential In Kenya

Kenya officially recognised as the Republic of Kenya is one of the fastest growing nations in the African continent. It is one of the six member states and a founding member of the East African Community. The country shares its borders with Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. One of the most favourable aspects of its geography is that the country shares a coastline with Indian ocean that serves as a major gateway for import and export trade. It is as opposed to most of the other East African countries (except Tanzania) that are landlocked and face transportation challenges at the upfront.

Nairobi is the largest city and the capital of Kenya. Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Lamu are among the famous cities and tourist attractions of the country. As of January 2017, the population of the country has been estimated to be 48 million approximately.

Kenya is the largest economy in Central and East Africa. Despite that the GDP and per capita income are quite low. Agriculture and tourism are the two main contributors to the GDP. The country has witnessed an upswing in the recent years, and the growth potential looks promising. More than any other, the telecommunications sector augurs well for the economy, as people of Kenya become more educated and tech-savvy.

However, there is something more in store for the GDP contributors of the country. Let us
unleash the rest with the bulk opportunities available to the people of Kenya in the form of ‘refurbished electronics’.

Growth Of Information And Technology Market

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector took a big leap in the Kenyan market as the government realised its potential in 2013. Since then, the number of mobile subscribers and internet users kept growing rapidly, making Kenya the biggest ICT market in Africa. Over the last three years, a boom in the economy came with a continuous growth in the number of users. In the first half of the year 2016, the internet penetration reached 87%, mobile penetration stood at 89% and broadband penetration touched 19%. To further add to its already growing economy, the Kenyan Government identified ICT market as the key driver to aid rapid economic growth. Significantly, this growth is directly linked to the deep penetration of mobile, laptops and internet in the Kenyan market.

As in the developed countries of the world, all the big gadget brands are trying to up their game and gain market share even in Kenya. Be it Apple, Nokia, LG or Epson, every brand is introducing its best and the latest innovation to lead the electronics retail market of the country.

The Trendy Turn of The Kenyan Consumers

Until 2013, feature phones dominated mobile market in Kenya. However, ever since then, by virtue of easy internet access, smart phones and laptops are becoming popular. Eventually, internet users in the country rose to more than 26 million making Kenya the 21st most connected nation in the world. Nairobi leads the position generating over 42% smartphone sales in the country.

The gradual increase in the smartphone and computer sales in Kenya was partly due to the joint venture between the Kenyan Government and the Emirates Telecommunication Technology, Etisalat. The Kenyan Government invested in undersea fibre optic cables expanding the internet penetration. This initiative proved to be a key driver behind 25% increase in internet users in 2014. This widespread use of internet and the boom in the economy lead to an aggressive competition between the telecommunications companies. The result was the constantly decreasing data costs making the space more favourable for the consumers. Today, Kenya is witnessing a continuous influx of new consumer electronic brands making it an attractive market for the electronics industry.

Pre-owned Electronics Can Be The Game-changers

Buy Used Laptops in Bulk in KenyaThe biggest online retail market of Kenya, Jumia conducted a survey on the smartphones users in 2015. The survey revealed that Kenyans strongly believe value offerings. Price is one of the key considerations for most Kenyan consumers, and they would shift across brands depending on the pricing of comparable products. This outlook of consumers has made them look for better options available in the market today. And, one of those better options is pre-owned/refurbished electronics market.

Due to low GDP and per capita income, the disposable income levels remain low. Given that, investing in a new IT asset or a gadget would put a huge pressure on the pocket, and is out of reach most of the times. On the contrary, the market opens up a new channel for individuals and businesses in Kenya which allows them to buy/procure IT products with newer features at affordable prices. One can choose from a variety of second hand electronics that come with complete performance guarantee at a price much lower than that of buying a new one. Today, the demand for pre-owned IT assets is increasing all over the world. Considering the fact, various types of electronics from leading brands are available in the refurbished condition. Be it refurbished smartphones,used laptops or other high-end second hand computers, you have the option to choose from an array of pre-owned gadgets.

Why Refurbished Electronics?

Electronic Liquidators in KenyaWhether it is a pre-owned gadget, second hand one or a refurbished one, these options provide you a great way to optimise your IT asset purchase. But for that you need to link up with the right company. Companies like Veracity World provide repair options for second hand gadgets where they are thoroughly tested and repaired. In case of refurbished products, all the faulty parts are replaced with genuine ones. Additionally, cosmetic repair is carried out for scratches and dents along with a final touch of cleaning. The refurbished devices are reconditioned to as good as the new ones and redistributed in the market. The greatest advantage of buying a refurbished electronic is that it comes with an additional warranty period giving the consumers a peace of mind.

To most of the consumers’ surprise, refurbished gadgets undergo more stringent quality tests than the new ones. A refurbishment process involves double-quality control checks with rigorous testing and performance verification. This means refurbished computers do not compromise on quality and reliability.

If we talk about the purchase of a brand new laptop you may encounter minor or major defects. The chances are always present. But when you purchase a refurbished laptop there are fewer chances of encountering a problem with the device.

Considering the security feature, every refurbished electronic also undergoes complete data sanitisation process. This ensures complete safety and security not just to the person who returned it but also to the prospective buyer.

Not to forget, the most important aspect of refurbished gadgets is that it gives a great value for money. You can find the best specs at most affordable price in the refurbished category. Businesses in Kenya can leverage the benefits of refurbished electronics with utmost reliability and performance at a great price. Refurbished electronics can cut-down on IT asset investments in businesses amazingly. It can help them cut-down on the expenses associated with purchasing new IT assets and save the money for more important business cores. Substantially, refurbished electronics give businesses the power to spend.

Role Of UAE In The Refurbished Market

Now as we have explored the advantages of the refurbished devices, it is the time we talk about the best deals on refurbished gadgets. Refurbished products get redistributed in the market through different refurbishers. Hence, it is important to purchase a refurbished product directly from the manufacturer or from an authorised refurbisher. UAE, the 4th largest trading partner of Kenya is one of the highest contributors in the field of refurbishment. UAE owns a huge market of authorised refurbishers that play an instrumental role in providing refurbished electronics to businesses and individuals. Significantly, Kenya and UAE have a strong trade relationship which can give a push to the refurbished industry in Kenya. This will not just open opportunities for Kenyans but also pave the way to a more sustainable business and economic upturn – a much-needed solution for the country.

How Can Veracity World Help You Grab The Best Deal?

Inquiries Invited From KenyaVeracity World is among the leading authorised refurbishers in UAE having a vast business footprint spread across the world. The company deals in refurbished laptops, refurbished smartphones, refurbished iPhones (including other Apple electronics) and more. The start to end operations carried out at Veracity World are quality driven and authentic. It aims at curbing the carbon footprint of the world while providing the best-refurbished deal to customers. A professional team of experts and skillful technicians serve the purpose of diligence and customer compliance. A huge amount of businesses have leveraged the best benefits from the company through the bulk purchase of refurbished electronics.

Veracity World provides cheap market solutions to businesses offering them efficient ways to optimise their IT asset purchase. This not only improves the bottom line of the business but also allows them to save and invest in greater options. Businesses can buy refurbished electronics in Kenya through the safe and reliable service from Veracity World. The company stands top on the list for offering best deals on refurbished products. If you are looking out for best-refurbished computer deal or a cheap laptop with great specifications and features, Veracity World is the destination for you. The company is recognised throughout UAE and outside as the best solution provider to businesses – in terms of security, sustainability, customer satisfaction and product guarantee. Make your choice now and create a better IT asset management strategy for your business in Kenya – that is the way forward to unlocking the growth potential!