Reduce E-waste by Recycling your Used IT & Electronic Assets

The secrets to generating revenue using ITAEAD

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As much as companies talk about “going green,” e-waste remains a serious global concern. We generate enough electronic waste, 41.8 million metric tons, to fill a line of tractor trailers spanning half the planet. It’s a two-pronged problem: companies use more IT & electronic products than ever before, and those devices are coming with shorter and shorter lifespans. And while most companies that get rid of their old IT & electronic assets do so to reduce clutter, it’s important to remember that those devices have value. That’s where IT remarketing comes in. You may not need your devices anymore, but there are others who still might find value in them.

You might be surprised to know that all the small and large companies can make money from IT & electronic asset disposition and create revenue from equipment liquidation? It is simple and it can be done quite easily by retiring the decommissioned hardware & technology assets with an IT recycling & re-marketing vendor. You can expect the maximum return on investment before the residual value diminishes, which is typically 3 to 5 years from the time when it was first purchased. Hence the best to start the liquidation process just after the 3rd year starts.

So, how do you dispose of your IT & electronic assets?

More than 50% of IT asset managers surveyed in a recent study quoted “lack of awareness about the IT recycling & re-marketing companies” as the main reason they hadn’t adopted IT asset disposition for their business.

But what if you could actually scrap or make money on your end-of-life IT assets, in a hassle free manner?

Would you consider IT asset disposition for the safe disposal of your company’s electronic equipment?

If your response is a resounding “Yes!”, then please follow the below mentioned and contact an IT recycling & re-marketing vendor immediately:

The secrets to making money from your IT assets by turning your used or end-of-life equipment into revenue-generating IT assets:

Secret #1: Generate an IT / Electronic goods inventory list and define everything about the Equipment

Define every piece of equipment you are looking to scrap or liquidateThe first critical step in your IT asset disposition is to define every piece of equipment you are looking to scrap or liquidate.

Because a batch of generic devices will command a generic price. But a comprehensive IT asset inventory will deliver a good return.

Get as specific as possible with counts and details of each product you have for disposal. If it’s a computer, you can provide information such as:

  • Brand name
  • Make and model
  • Type of processor
  • Processor speed
  • Memory
  • Hard drive specifications
  • Colour
  • Available accessories
  • Condition – scratches or no scratches, working or non working
  • Warranty – if remaining

This system applies to all other IT & Electronic equipment you want to liquidate. Like Laptops, Tablets, TVs, Printers, Servers, Copiers, Mobile phones, PC’s, network equipment, and other electronic devices included.

But What if I Don’t Have an ITAEAD (IT & Electronics Asset Disposal) Inventory?

Pay an ITAEAD vendor for one.

Unless you provide the specifics of your IT assets, you risk being paid a generic amount rather than the true value from an ITAEAD vendor.

If you aren’t able to locate all the information required for the disposal of your assets, find a vendor who specializes in IT asset reporting. They can calculate the true value of your obsolete IT equipment for you.

Do this even if there’s an additional cost.

Secret #2: Look for an ITAEAD Vendor With Low Overheads

Reduce e-waste through recycling and maximize your ROI on retired IT assetsTo maximize the rate of return from your IT & Electronic asset disposition, use a vendor that minimizes logistics costs.

Whether you are looking to recover funds from high-worth items such as laptops, computers, cellphones, tablets, photocopiers, servers, mobiles, telephones or scanners, the principal is the same. You must look at the final figure in the ITAEAD evaluation your asset disposition vendor provides before committing. A lot of vendors are very inefficient in their logistics and handling processes, so you could pay too much.

The lure of high-paying ITAEAD vendors is a common trap. What you must recognize, is that while some vendors promise high-prices for your IT & Electronic assets, they often come with high overhead costs. This ends up on your invoice as a logistics fee.

You can maximise your Return On Investment on retired, used IT & Electronic assets if you look for an ITAEAD vendor with low overheads, such as evaluation, transportation, warehousing logistics and handling fees.

Secret #3: Liquidate your IT & electronic assets before they lose their worth and scrap them

A study conducted in 2015 found that companies who implemented a 3-4 year IT assets refresh policy realized an average ROI of 10%.

IT & Electronic equipment rapidly lose value – especially after the third year of ownership when replacement models begin to flood the market. Timing is critical when it comes to creating revenue out of your used IT & Electronic assets for your company.

The most successful companies in the world are generating revenue from their IT assets maintain a regular 3-4 year refresh program, allowing for the resale of reusable equipment to an IT recycling & re-marketing vendor.

Maximize Your ROI With Your Revenue-Generating ITAEAD System

We help you reduce e-waste by recycling your used IT and electronic assetsAs you’ve probably determined, there is a lot involved with proper IT & electronics asset disposal.

End-of-life IT & electronic assets are more than ordinary trash. They can carry huge areas of vulnerability for your organization, but a potential upside as well. If recycled and liquidated correctly, in partnership with a qualified, reputable ITAEAD provider, you can create a revenue-generating ITAEAD system, which has the potential to return tangible value to your organization.

You’ll stay out of trouble, help save the environment, and ensure your data is secure. On top of that, you will see higher ROI than dumping your equipment at the nearest land-filing center.

…and that’s the secrets to generating revenue using ITAEAD!

Electronic recycling is a great excuse to get rid of junk around your home, and a way you can reduce your impact on the environment in the process. Playing your part by recycling your broken, out-of-date, or unwanted electronic devices will help keep our environment clean for generations to come.

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