How Can Refurbished Electronics Help Tanzania Promote Business And Economic Growth?

The United Republic of Tanzania stands as the second largest economy amongst other East African Countries and the twelfth largest in the African continent. The country is surrounded by Kenya and Uganda in the north, Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia in the south and the Indian Ocean in the east. So apart from Kenya, Tanzania is the only country in East Africa that shares a border with the Indian Ocean.

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest and the most populous city accounting for over 2.6 million residents. Dodoma is the country’s capital since 1973. Other famous cities of Tanzania include Mbeya, Mwanza, Zanzibar, Arusha, Tanga and more.

As of 2016, the overall population of Tanzania was recorded to be 55 million. As per the World Bank, Tanzania is one of the most constantly progressing economies in Africa. The nation has witnessed an average economic growth of 6-7% per year over the last decade. Seeing a significant rise in 2016, the nation has neared the top of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This year in 2018, the economy of Tanzania increased by 726.8 million US dollars. Furthermore, the nation reported the GDP rise from US$ 10.7 billion in 2016 to US$ 11.5 billion in 2017. Considering the statistics, Tanzania showcased the best economic growth in the East African Community.

The primary contributors towards the economy are agriculture, mining and tourism industry. Tanzania is rich in valuable natural resources which are exported to other countries. Moreover, as Tanzania is gradually transforming into a circular economy and leading the re-use of resources, adopting a refurbished policy can further improve the economic growth. Reading a little further, you will understand the key areas that can act as economy boosters for the country – including the use of refurbished electronics.

The Rise Of Telecommunication Market

The government of Tanzania has shown a considerable interest in expanding the telecommunication market across the country. It also encourages the private sector to follow suit. In the past, the country relied on expensive satellite connections. However, in the recent years, the installation of the first fibre optic international submarine cables revolutionised the telecom market. In addition, the government is also working on advancing the national fibre backbone network that will further help the country connect more efficiently. As a part of the national goal, the government is allocating 17.5 billion Tanzanian shillings to improve rural telecom infrastructure. The government also seeks foreign collaboration to enhance social development and economy. Owing to the policy reforms, telecommunication market is witnessing a rapid expansion in Africa.

The competition among the mobile operators in Tanzania is dynamic. Vodacom, Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain), Tigo and Zantel are the four major network service providers that have lead the mobile penetration in the country to reach 83%, as of March 2017. As per reports, majority of the mobile phones are used by people to gain access to the internet. By the end of 2017, the number of internet users in the country rose by 16% totalling to 23 million. As a matter of fact,  network service providers have become the leading internet service providers in the country. Another factor responsible for the rise in internet penetration is the launch of cheaper electronic devices in the country.

A Need For Circular Economy – Refurbished Electronics A Prerequisite

Buy Used Electronics in Bulk in TanzaniaImprovements in infrastructure, business environment and tackling urbanisation are some of the key challenges faced by Tanzania. And experts say that if the nation wants to improve its overall economic growth, it is crucial to enhance productivity, increase the service life of end products and take best measures to gain the maximum benefit out of the resources and products used.

Findings reveal that emerging countries like Tanzania have not benefited from the linear economy – the economy where products are manufactured from raw materials, supplied, used and then disposed of as waste. Basically, the linear economy scenario does not provide enough opportunity to developing countries to gain access to cheaper goods that can improve the liveability standards for the citizens. Reports indicate that resource-driven countries (Tanzania) have a very low per capita income compared to the global average as they do not receive full advantage from the resources extracted (one of the main reasons).

In contrast with the traditional linear economy, circular economy brings in more opportunities for developing countries. This is evident from the GreenBiz Circular Economy Research Study released in 2016. The survey is based on the responses from sustainability executives from the business sector. 86% of the respondents believe that this economy will become a prerequisite for businesses in the next two years. Respondents also said that this economy will get the biggest push from electronics industry such as computers and smartphones – the reuse of certified pre-owned electronics will be an integral benefit. 26% of responses indicated that use of refurbished electronics like used laptops and computers will be one of the most important factors to meet the consumer demands. In addition, the expansion of refurbished electronics market is important to gain maximum benefits from the circular economy.

Circular economy promotes the reuse of products as long as possible. It encourages us to avail the maximum benefits from the resources we use. Hopefully, second-hand goods such as refurbished computers and other devices are one of the best circular economy opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Buying Used Laptops In Tanzania Provide Greater Benefits

Buy Used Electronics in Bulk in TanzaniaAs the awareness among consumers is increasing, African countries like Tanzania are importing second-hand laptops and other refurbished electronic gadgets in bulk from UAE and other countries. This enables consumers to have access to technologies at a better price.

Refurbished computers are used products that are returned back to manufacturers and authorised refurbishers such as Veracity World in case of minor or sometimes major defects. Or perhaps there are greater chances that a consumer returns the product (unopened) on changing the purchase decision.

Going forward, in the refurbishing facility these second-hand laptops are put through a strict double-quality control test where the defective components are replaced with new ones, necessary software updates are made and the cosmetic defects are treated to transform the product into like-new one. After the refurbished electronic passes the quality tests it is packed and distributed in the market for resale.

But what benefits can you avail from these refurbished products? Today, you can barely find any new electronic gadget with a reasonable price. On the contrary, you can buy certified pre-owned electronics of the same brand with same specs at an incredibly discounted price which varies from 10% to 50%. Moreover, depending on the age, condition and the country of sale the discount is offered is sometimes more than 50% of the original price. Hence, if a business purchases second-hand laptops in Tanzania, it gives a potential monetary benefit to the organisation.

Apart from the cost savings, the used laptops and mobiles undergo a higher level of quality control than new gadgets. Of course, the manufacturers and the authorised refurbishers do not want the second-hand laptops to be returned the second time.

Yet, it is crucial to understand that if you want premium quality refurbished electronics at the cheapest price possible, manufacturers and authorised refurbishers are the only choices.

Stakeholders From Industrialised Nations Can Add To The Benefits Of Circular Economy – The Key Contributions Of Veracity World

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Furthermore, as the company offers customised refurbished solutions to businesses, it adds to the benefits of circular economy. When international stakeholders like Veracity World are involved at the community and grass root level, the country is able to develop better economic strategy and implementations. So, the deal between the business and the refurbisher is more than just a ‘purchase and sale’.

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