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Veracity World – Buy Refurbished / Pre-Owned and Used Electronics in Bulk

Veracity World is a leading electronic refurbishing and recycling company operational in UAE. At Veracity World, we majorly deal in the trade of electronic goods like mobiles, used laptops, refurbished computers and other devices. We also have an in-house team of technicians who are expertise in the repair and maintenance of electronic devices. Our team work towards providing a seamless experience. Once associated with Veracity World, you will have all IT solutions available under one roof.

With over 5 years of successful operations in UAE and other Middle East Market, Veracity World is now looking to expand its buyer market in major African Countries and some parts of Middle East. We invite bulk buyers from Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, and Nigeria. Our major focus is to partner with sellers of used electronics who deal in bulk buying of laptops, computers and other electronic gadgets.

Deal with Veracity World in your electronics purchases to experience some real pleasing stuff of customer satisfaction!

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