How Replacing Old IT And Electronic Assets Can Actually Save Your Business Money

How old gadgets affect your business operations

By Marcin Wichary from San Francisco, U.S.A. (Hands on! pt. 2) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

While some big and small businesses hold onto the old IT and Electronics assets thinking it will save them some money and time, there are some businesses that have created highly considerable profits by timely upgrading and replacing their old technology with the new ones. Yes, that is true! You can generate greater revenue from your old IT and electronic assets and save business money and time both.

If you run a company and you have been debating about whether or not to update your old tech, we have put together some info to help show you how it can be beneficial to do so as soon as possible.

The New Technology Is Really Good

How the upgraded tech can bring businesses good profitsPeople do not rush into buying the latest technology just because it is the newest thing in the market. There are some smart minds who know how the upgraded tech can bring them good profits in the long run.

Keeping that in mind, we have listed some of the benefits of new technology to help you become a smarter businessman.

1. Increases Productivity And Efficiency

Technology is ever improving which comes with limitless opportunities for businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency in every bit of day to day operations. The new technology is more energy efficient. The technology expert, Val Quinn says,

“You can cut costs by 50 percent if you upgrade to a new computer and staff can also be more than two and a half times more productive on new equipment”.

2. Jobs Get Done More Quickly

Newly upgraded computers and other devices process the data faster than before and make retrieval of client information (or any other business info) happen within seconds. With the automation already arrived, you could switch some of the manual jobs to automatic ones. It will help reduce human error, do jobs instantly and save the time which goes into getting things done manually.

3. Earn Money With New Technology

When your new IT assets are quick on jobs, efficient and reliable, that gives you more time to focus on marketing your business and increasing sales. That means you earn money that is indirectly being contributed by your new IT assets. Isn’t it?

4. Creates A Positive Working Environment

New technology creates a more positive work environmentA new set of IT assets encourages employees to work with more confidence. An employee who uses the most advanced tech at home may have a negative impact on his morale when he uses old technology in the workplace.

This actually takes a toll on the kind of enthusiasm people reflect at work.

5. Eliminates Mistakes

Humans are prone to admitting errors while performing repetitive operations. That is where the new tech gadgets can help reduce or eliminate the mistakes completely. Besides, the time involved in finishing the task is cut down considerably.

Disadvantages Of The Old Electronic Devices

Your business needs to pay heed to proper IT asset disposition to avoid the inconvenience caused due to the old equipment. Have a quick look at how old gadgets affect your business operations:

  1. With the lifecycle coming to close computers and other devices get slow at tasks and often cause unexpected crashes leading to loss of money and time which is frustrating
  2. Old gadgets get vulnerable with time posing a threat to data security. You might risk your entire business data due to incapability of retired computers to store data securely
  3. With wear and tear of old devices, you might need to spend on the repair recurringly which will cost you more than the purchase of a new equipment
  4. Retired IT assets often eat up more energy which increases the cost of energy bills
  5. Retired gadgets get noisy with time that may have an impression of an unprofessional working environment

Maximise ROI On Retired IT Assets

Maximize ROI on old IT and electronic assetsNow having known the advantages of replacing your retired IT assets with new ones you need to put the right foot ahead with the IT asset disposition (ITAD).

The first step begins with understanding your IT asset lifecycle. You can do that by establishing asset records by management process. This helps your organisation to dispose of assets as soon as they become unproductive.

Next, concentrate the IT asset data on a single platform. Track the details of hardware and software thus making a financial, contractual and inventory list. Develop a single source of the database which comprises information related to software licences, hardware, accessories, contracts, warranty and guarantee policies and purchase orders.

Build an IT asset management program in your company by creating a team of people who work to maintain the standard of IT assets through an integrated workflow.

All the above steps will ensure that you dispose your assets on right time and receive the maximum ROI. But this is not enough. After you have thoroughly understood the management system you will need to dispose of the equipment correctly. For the same, choosing the right IT liquidator becomes inevitable to execute a safe disposal. The most authentic ITAD vendor also regarded as IT liquidator have the following qualities:

  • Coordinate on-site labour and manage the decommissioning process with qualitative analysis – all this is handled by technical experts
  • Retrieve the hidden value of each obsolete or used product by making a valuable recovery plan. This step increases the ROI on your old IT assets
  • All the business data is shred and sanitised by safe methods keeping the criticality of data in mind
  • Refurbishing and recycling solutions are provided to the company while considering the working capability of the equipment
  • Every single step is run through a documentation process which allows the customer to know about the procedures involved in the ITAD.
  • The e-scrap recycling is carried out by environmentally safe methods as authorised ITAD vendors are always a part of safe and secure e-waste management system.

Why Should You Hire Veracity World As Your ITAD Company

Choose Veracity World for your ITAD related problemsA business should consider the values and the areas of experience before hiring an e-waste management company. Veracity World is the one-stop destination for all your ITAD related problems. Every area of their expertise, be it the industrial solutions, recycling, refurbishing, repair or resell operate through their value based protocol and years of experience in IT field.

Offers a quality level of services – every step mentioned above is executed by trained professionals who have the record of accomplishing the IT recycling procedures with the highest quality in UAE.

Offers maximum return on your retired IT assets – the company enhances the value of the obsolete or used equipment by segregating the components that can be resold to prospective buyers and serving the left over plastics, valuable metals and batteries by eco-friendly recycling. As the company holds the expertise in giving the best second life to your IT asset, it can give you the best ROI for the retired assets.

Data Security – Veracity World executes on-site as well as off-site data deletion with validated procedures. The company knows how crucial data is for every business and individual and hence provides utmost attention to data security.

Logistics and transit – the shipping of your equipment from your location to the company’s warehouse is all handled by the company. The company allows the customer to track the order until the destination is reached.

Secure e-waste management – safe and sound e-waste management attained with customer satisfaction is the sole motto of the company.

Environmental Benefits – As an individual and a business owner it’s your responsibility to save the environment from the hazardous impact of improper IT asset disposition. Veracity world provides the customer a certificate which shows that the disposal is achieved through environmental procedures. This improves the reputation of your company and sets an example in the tech-oriented world that safe e-waste management is an integral responsibility of every business organisation.

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