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Tradition – Experience – Innovation

BESSEY Tool GmbH Co. KG can look back over more than 125 years of history.

Founded as a bright steel drawing plant in 1889, the company has continuously expanded the range of products it offers. It was this spirit that led BESSEY to begin production of manual clamping tools in the mid-1930s. Since then, the strength of its innovation has been underlined by the granting of numerous patents, for instance in 1936 for its malleable cast iron screw clamp, and in 2009 for the optimized all-steel rail profile. In 1979, with the takeover of Diener Werkzeugfabrik GmbH, a company rich in tradition, BESSEY established its cutting technology unit with the already popular Erdi snips.

Today, with some 1200 products, BESSEY is among the largest clamping and cutting tool manufacturers in the world, with a presence in over 100 countries. Why not take a look for yourself in the following pages, and see why our company motto is “BESSEY. Simply better.”

BESSEY Tool has raised the bar for manual clamping and cutting tools time and again.

Our focus is constantly on new and innovative products and on making improvements to existing products, which stand out for their great quality and user-friendly handling. Product development follows a dynamic process, requiring decades of experience with tools, tradesmen and materials – this means it simply cannot be quickly copied by newcomers.

Immerse yourself in our world, and discover whether you are a pro or a DIY enthusiast, how working with BESSEY tools is affordable, and the truth behind our motto “BESSEY. Simply better.”

Products from Bessey:

  1. Clamping Tools for Woodworking
  2. Clamping Tools for Metalworking
  3. Cutting Tools
  4. DIY Tools
  5. Accessories
  6. POS Presentation

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Welding and Cutting

Clamps and hand tools for cutting and welding jobsWelding & Cutting Division is one of the premium enterprise which caters the Oil and Gas Companies, Construction Sector, Engineering Industries, Ship building , Petrochemical Industries and Marine industries.

BESSEY - One of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world

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