Benefits Of E-waste Recycling - How It Can Save The Environment

Recycling of e-waste is important without a doubt

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‘Best out of waste’, this is what is taught in schools around the world to inculcate the value of reusing the waste in the best possible manner in the young generation. But, is it just the young minds who are responsible for saving the planet from the verge of deterioration? Or shall I call it extinction? As a matter of fact, we(the adult population) are the one who generates three-fourth part of waste globally.

Specifically talking about the electronic waste, it is a serious problem which needs immediate attention at the corporate as well as domestic level. In general, an average person purchases a new electronic item every 4 to 5 years and throws off the old ones. This includes the old, end-of-life electronic gadgets and appliances which are not in the condition destined for its use like a computer, smartphone, television, refrigerator, stereos, DVD players etc. So, what must be the solution to e-waste management? Read on, the answer lies ahead.

Importance Of E-waste Management

Economic globalisation, innovative and easy access to technology has changed our lifestyle by providing us with electronic products which are used limitlessly to make our daily life more communicable and comforting. But, this unrestrained usage of electronic products has to lead to the huge generation of e-waste. People, even today are unaware of what exactly should be done with this e-waste. So, at the same time, awareness and right management both are needed.

First, it’s important to know that e-waste dumping is posing a serious threat to health and environment. According to Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), estimates show that 4 million tonnes of e-waste is disposed of into landfills and 40% of lead and 70% of other toxins in landfills are the outcome of the dumped e-waste. The e-waste is a complex composition of toxic substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, barium, antimony and some valuable materials like gold, silver, nickel based alloys, titanium based alloys and cobalt based alloys. All the more, 1000 different components comprising of 60 elements are found in e-waste.

Now, what happens in the landfills? When the e-waste is dumped in landfills the toxic heavy materials which are non-biodegradable and flammable gradually seep out and pollute the water resources and soil. When the e-waste is incinerated, it contaminates the air to an extent which can lead to serious health issues. Much more, if toxins in 10 computers are ingested they are enough to cause 14 deaths.

Value Of E-waste Recycling

When the e-waste is recycled, 10% to 15% of gold is retrieved from old computers, circuit boards, and peripherals. As per United Nations reports, the metals found in e-waste are 40% – 50% more precious and rich than the metals mined. A study conducted by U.S Geological Survey shows that the amount of gold extracted from 17 tons of gold ore is equal to gold recovered from 1 metric ton of computer e-waste. These reports clearly display a message to the world that if e-waste is reused again and again there wouldn’t be any scarcity of metals and need for mining.

Therefore, the best way to subdue the catastrophic effects on the ecosystem and our health is to recycle e-waste. Because e-waste recycling has only benefits and no fallout.

Benefits Of E-waste Recycling

E-waste recycling help protect public health and the environmentConservation Of Natural Resources And Energy – As mentioned above, there are plenty of valuable materials found in electronic waste. These materials can be extracted and reused in the manufacturing of new products. This facility precludes the involvement of countries in extracting and mining virgin minerals from the earth’s crust which consumes ten times more energy than the energy used in recycling.

Every year the process of mining releases 1.5 tons of contaminants into the water and air. Hence, if recycling is done, need for raw materials and mining will come down and that will help in conserving the biodiversity.

In recent years, the EPA has conducted research with the analysis in support of e-waste recycling. One of the studies indicated recycling 1 million computers would forbid greenhouse gases from emitting that would otherwise happen with annual emissions from 17,000 automobiles.

Therefore, if recycling e-waste is given a power boost, it will not only conserve natural resources but also save a lot of energy.

Protection Of Health And Environment – If visualised carefully, the whole scenario beginning from IT asset disposition to e-waste recycling bestows a healthy, wealthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. If recycling is given primary importance, mining activities will reduce. This reduction will, in turn, cut down the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases resulting in a clean pollution free environment. So, there is no space for hazardous substances to enter our healthful internal environment.

Growth In Economy

The economic benefits of e-waste recycling

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The whole procedure involved in recycling is a vast industry growing substantially within itself. E-waste management requires a stepwise sorting out, shipping and refurbishing the non-usable electronics into a completely new product. The action demands thousands of workers who can carry out the work successfully. This calls for more number of jobs available in a country, thus boosting the economy of a nation.

A careful analysis indicates that conventional method of incineration and landfilling produces 6 to 7 jobs at the maximum. On the other hand, recycling produces approximately 30 jobs at best. Owing to the number of jobs in recycling, economy stabilises and gets stronger than ever.

If the other economic benefits are taken into consideration and if the same e-waste is recycled and reused, the government will not have to spend a large amount of money in mining, deforesting the flourishing lands for mining, importing minerals and buying limited fossil fuels from other countries. Instead, this money could be engaged in where it is needed the most.

Veracity World – The Green Industry For E-waste Recycling

After having read about the dangers linked to the improper disposition of e-waste and the wide range of benefits received by the environment-friendly e-waste management, you know that how crucial it is to serve your e-waste with the green recycling procedure.

Veracity World assures an environmentally safe recycling process for old IT and electronic productsTo make this a viable reality Veracity World, a leading company in UAE is constantly contributing towards the betterment of the environment, health and overall well being of citizens. They serve the end of life electronic devices, home appliances, obsolete electronic equipment, surplus IT related goods and all kinds of e-scrap with recycling and refurbishing processes which are eco-friendly, sustainable and even profitable.

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Such companies make our life easier and help us to fulfil our commitments we have for our health, our community, our nation and our planet. Technology is advancing and ever changing. If such companies are given first preference, technology in recycling is sure to take a new turn and come up with more sustainable solutions to utilise what already exists.

Team Veracity