E-Waste Recycling: An Approach Towards Green Computing

How is E-Waste Recycling a Sustainable Approach Towards Green Computing?

There are over 2 billion PCs used worldwide. And it is likely that more than 80% of them are turned on every day. Imagine how much fossil fuels go into giving these digital devices the energy to run – the number is immense and the adverse environmental impact is two-fold. Hence, to save our planet’s exhausting resources, combat pollution and enhance healthy living, a major movement called green computing has gained momentum recently. What is it all about? Let us find it out from the FAQs discussed below.

What is Green Computing?

A green computing is an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible way of using the computers. It is also defined as the designing, usage and disposing of the e-waste in such a manner that it leaves a minimal impact on the environment.

How To Achieve Green Computing?

Green computing comprises of basic objectives that can be achieved by every individual involved right from manufacturing to using the electronics.

  1. Minimizing energy consumption – This objective aims at reducing the energy consumption of computers (including peripherals) and other IT gadgets while using it in an environmentally friendly way. For example, a PC should be put to hibernate or sleep mode when not in use.
  2. Utilizing the green energy – IT manufacturing companies should focus on designing energy-efficient computers, printers, servers and other devices. All the more, they should aim at using green energy and minimising waste during the manufacturing process of devices and other subsystems.
  3. Minimizing the equipment disposal requirements – This is one of the most significant among all as it decides the fate of a used digital device. Obsolete equipment with unwanted materials should be recycled. And, used computers that can be still put to use should be refurbished or repaired and reused again.

When Did Green Computing Start?

The green computing program finds its roots in the Energy Star Program. In 1992, US Environmental Protection Agency introduced ‘Energy Star’ – a program that promotes manufacturing and consumption of energy-efficient computers and other technologies. The overall idea is to foster a movement of green IT cycle that encourages IT companies to invest in energy-efficient technology, reduce the use of harmful metals and produce recyclable products. Today, products that are certified with Energy Star help in energy conservation.

How Is E-Waste Recycling Contributing Towards Green Computing?

How E-Waste Recycling Companies Help In Attaining Green Computing?Recycling is one of the most significant green practice that contributes to green computing. Recycling falls in the green disposal category of green computing. The end-of-life products constitute various types of raw materials including metals and other elements that can be recycled and put to reuse again. This is one of the most efficient ways to combat e-waste problem. Also, recycling helps in bringing down the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the manufacturing of new products.

Additionally, exploring ways that can further increase reuse possibilities of devices can help conserve the natural resources – the ultimate way to curb pollution levels. Like, the functional parts of used computers can be used back in refurbishment or repair process. The whole idea of recycling, refurbishing, and repair is based on the pillar of green computing that teaches us to reuse our already used laptops, computers, and other gadgets.

How Veracity World Makes A Difference?

Veracity World is one of the most reputed green companies in UAE that focus on environmental friendly e-waste management. All company operations rest on pillars of reducing, reuse and recycle. And, so green computing forms the gist of its business.

Veracity World provides highly optimised recycling solutions for obsolete electronics. And for those electronics that can still be put to efficient use, the company has its experienced repair and maintenance team. The team deals with reuse and repair of used computers, used laptops and other used electronics which at the end help in reducing carbon levels. Furthermore, they also have refurbishing solutions for products that can be refurbished and used again. Every operation of the company is carried out in the most environmentally friendly way.

The products that come out of the Veracity World IT operations unit are fully backed by energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. So, you can have the ultimate experience of green computing with the most optimised solutions provided by the dedicated team of Veracity World.

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