Why Businesses Should Take E-waste Management Seriously

Why e-waste management should be a significant concern for your business

Bob Houghton, President and CEO of Redemtech, an IT asset disposition company remarks, “The biggest mistake a company can make in asset disposal is to look at it as a stand-alone program… (Asset disposal) should be viewed as a strategic lifecycle decision that can add value to the company.”

The idea of putting e-waste management at the core of your company’s operations can take your business to greater heights of recognition, reputation, trust, and success – with this you can build a strong relationship within your working environment and the world.

With those great remarks to inspire you let’s have a look at why it is important for a business to take e-waste management seriously.

Reasons Your Business Should Be Recycling

1. Landfill Tax is Rising

The more you send your obsolete IT assets to landfill the more you are increasing the landfill tax which is going to affect you too. It becomes more expensive for a business to process their old electronic gadgets. Precisely, recycle old electronics with responsibility, decrease the landfill tax and its size and ultimately save your business some good money.

2. It is a Social Responsibility

A business can set an inspirational trend by being socially responsible or just revolve its goals around self-gain and profits. But it is always a fact that being socially responsible will augment your business giving it a new breath of life. While a business which is interested in mere money gains succumbs to failures very soon.

3. Cheaper Production Costs

It actually makes sense when you recycle your products. Manufacture of a whole new piece of computer demands for an expensive process including raw materials, labour and consumption of energy. But if your e-waste is recycled, the pressure on raw materials decreases, the company’s can reuse the recycled components and save on manufacturing the gadget from the scratch. In other words, electronic gadget prices will keep improving if more and more trashed electronic gadgets are recycled.

4. To Provide More Resources to Manufacturers
As per the analysis, 95% of computer’s useful components can be recovered through e-waste recycling. This leads to reuse of electronic components forming a sustainable lifecycle of e-products.

Eventually, with the recycled components available manufacturers will have more resources. Thus, if you are recycling you are adding value to the existing resources.

5. For Not Paying Fines

As the awareness of e-waste management is spreading, the nations across the globe are coming up with strict regulations against disposal of e-waste in landfills and incinerators. For example, 17 states of U.S have passed laws mandating e-waste recycling. Consequently, businesses may risk fines from disregarding state legislation if responsible e-waste recycling is not followed. Even if respective states have not passed any laws, local legislative bodies have taken the right step towards improper disposal bans.

6. To Avoid Water Contamination

Used or obsolete electronic gadgets consist of toxic waste like cadmium, lead, and mercury that leach into groundwater and the atmosphere which leads to contamination of drinking water. Recycling old electronics can prevent you from the exposure to fatal health risks.

7. For Saving Precious Metals

As per the Waste Management report, e-waste recycling of one million cell phones gives an astounding precious metal recovery equal to 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium. This signifies how precious is the process of e-waste recycling.

8. Data Security At Risk

Arrow Electronics conducted a survey recently which shows that data security is the most common concern and principal responsibility for businesses in the context of IT asset disposition. Hence to avoid risks of data breaching contact authorised recyclers in UAE. These recyclers are acknowledged with the safest data erasure procedures.

Ways Your Business Can Benefit From E-waste Management

1. It can Boost your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Landor Associates carried out a survey in 2012 which shows 77% of consumers say that it is important for every company (big or small) to be socially responsible. It is proven by Social Responsibility reports that if businesses recycle e-waste in the environmentally friendly way and stay transparent with the customers regarding their progress, they could definitely increase their business and reach a wider group of consumers. This reflects their commitment towards safeguarding human as well as environmental health.

2. It Minimises Your Environmental Impact

E-waste recycling is the safest and healthiest way to minimise the environmental impact. If you recycle old electronics it saves the environment from the hazardous effects of landfill disposal. Even the managers of American Airlines and Coca-Cola Company have adopted the use of recycled products as their main business strategy.

3. It Saves your Business Money

Authorised recycling companies in UAE take the dead or old electronic gadgets and give you back the best genuine price they can. So you’re not just being a responsible citizen you are saving some good profit for your business.

4. It Improves your Business Reputation

Of Course, if you are taking your corporate social responsibility seriously you are improving the business reputation. Consumers always love to have a deal with Companies that are reputed. Because that increases the trust towards the services and products offered by the business.

5. Get Maximum Return On Your Retired Electronics

Every single component in your retired electronics is still valuable and can be put to use efficiently. Recycling and reusing these components as a whole or in parts can get the company maximum return.

6. Get A Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors

If a business publicises the fact that it is being socially responsible and committed to serious e-waste management through eco-friendly recycling, it is developing its competitive existence in the market. The sole factor that your company recycles every bit of e-waste makes you unique and positively visible in the society. Wouldn’t that give you a powerful competitive edge over your competitors?

The Ultimate Recycling Solution To Quality Business

  • Awareness and encouragement among businesses to recycle old IT assets with reputed authorised recyclers should be increased
  • Governments should take e-waste management seriously and deploy awareness programs, lead initiatives and pass strict laws for environment-friendly recycling
  • Repair and refurbishment should be the motto of a business until the IT asset hasn’t reached the end of the service life
  • It is crucial for a business to adopt a safe and reliable recycling procedure to safeguard the sensitive information related to business, clients, customers or any other personal transactions
  • Any part or component of gadgets that is still functional should be used in repairs and replacements
  • If possible you should develop a coalition strategy and work closely with the authorised recyclers to gain maximum benefits for your business and the society

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