How Buying Refurbished Electronics Can Save On Your Bigger Purchase?

Are refurbished electronics as good as new

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Buying things can be really tricky when a huge amount of eye-catching options are open. And buying electronics is rather trickier especially when a vivid variety of prices, models, versions are available along with two more options that makes your decision more hard to hit: new and refurbished.

But without letting your mind oscillate from new to refurbished let us help you out with the facts and figures of refurbished electronics over the new ones to simplify your decision. That will surely make you a smart consumer!

Be Clear with What is a Refurbished Gadget

It is always good to have more choices. That gives you a chance to have a comparison and find out the weak points and flaws that may exist in a deal while making the purchase. And when you are a company it becomes necessary that you have thorough knowledge about every kind of deal open in the market.

While opting for a set of new electronics a company needs to look closely what additional benefits it gets in buying new over refurbished. Refurbished gadgets can be a way to go for a majority of small-scale companies and SMEs. But before that, you need to be clear with the background of refurbished devices.

The word refurbished indicates that the gadget has been previously used by someone or has had defects in the past. But in most cases this is what happens:

  • Box opened – It so happens that sometimes the customer receives the wrong order or a different colour and as a result, the opened package is shipped back untouched
  • Returned back – Often times people receive the purchased product and next minute change the decision due to whatsoever reason. In that case, the product without being opened is returned to the seller
  • Demo units – Gadget showrooms and trade shows need to exhibit electronic devices for promotion and sale. These devices are not sold as the brand new ones and instead are given out at discounted prices
  • Superficial defects – It may happen that during a shipment (either delivered to the retailer or the customer) the product may have suffered a minor scratch or dent or any kind of superficial defect. In such cases also the products are returned back to the manufacturer
  • True defects – Of Course, there are electronic devices that get manufactured with minor and sometimes major defects. However, as per the survey carried out by global IT consulting firm Accenture in 2011, just 5% of the refurbished electronics have a history of defects.

In all the above cases, the electronics are sent back to the manufacturer or a refurbisher where the faults are diagnosed and repaired. The device is cleaned and refurbished (as it is called) to work as good as the new one.

But Why A Refurbished electronic?

What you need to know when buying a refurbished gadgetLow on cost – The greatest benefit with a refurbished product is the low cost. You can save yourself and the company a substantial amount with refurbs. The discount on refurbished electronics ranges from 10% to 30%. In fact, some of the authorised companies sell the product at 50% discount. It means that if you are longing for a desktop or a laptop worth $1000, but doesn’t fit in your budget you can actually go for a refurbished one which will cost you around $500. Besides, if you buy a huge stock of multiple refurbished electronics together for the business purpose, you may get far greater benefits.

Double Quality Assurance Test – There are instances when a recently purchased brand new gadget stops working all of a sudden and you are left with nothing but to buy a new one. But with certified refurbished electronics you will have the confidence that the product has at least gone through higher quality tests not just once but twice. So you have higher chances of getting the best quality with refurbished electronics.

As Good As New One – Products to be refurbished are cleaned and repaired carefully in authorised refurbishing companies by someone who is expert in the field. If required old damaged parts such as screen plates or low-potential batteries are replaced with new ones.

Older Models are Available – Some companies and individuals are often in search of older models of desktops, laptops and other devices that are probably discontinued by the manufacturer. It’s because they prefer older versions that fulfill their requirements more appropriately. Older models are frequently available in the refurbished electronics section.

Save Environment – If you are buying a refurbished product, that’s saving the environment from getting polluted by one more gadget that has been dumped. Good deeds all start with one!

What To Consider Before Buying?

Buying new gadgets can be an expensive prospect for small-scale companies. To be sure you are getting a good deal, it is better to follow some best practices. One can never know what was the exact condition of the refurbished product. Therefore, do not assume anything when buying it. Instead, take these possibilities into consideration.

1) Is it a factory refurbished product?

Just like the new electronics, refurbished electronics can be found being sold at different offline and online stores. And these refurbs are not of same price and quality. Some may be reliable and some may not. So the best way is to look for a ‘factory refurbished’ product. A factory refurbished device undergoes additional quality assurance check and is carefully tested to bring it up to the original standards. This means that you will receive the best product possible.

2) Is the refurbished product being sold by an authorised company?

Yes. It’s important to buy a refurbished gadget from an authorised company. Despite getting a factory refurbished product if it is not sold directly through a certified company you may run the risk of buying an item that may have been tampered. The authorised company will always provide the highest quality of factory refurbished products with a warranty and complete satisfaction.

3) Does the refurbished product have a valid warranty?

It is not enough to have a warranty. Look for a valid warranty along with a long warranty period. Commonly retailers offer a warranty period of just 30 days. It means that after 30 days if you encounter a problem with the product you’ll have to spend on its repair that may be costlier than the purchase of a brand new product itself. Hence, get a minimum of 90 days or if possible a year-long warranty. Apple provides a year long warranty on its refurbished goods and so does the certified refurbishers.

4) Does the company offer a return policy?

The return policy is one of the most important factors that need to be considered. In case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can happily return it back to the seller. So, always ask for a return policy – understand the terms and conditions of the return policy clearly so that you know how much time you have before returning the product and in what condition it can be returned. Also, have a check with how much money will be refunded. Most of the certified refurbishers give you all this in writing which gives you a piece of mind with the purchase. Make sure to use the product to the fullest within the return policy period. That makes sense! Isn’t it?

5) Is it possible to get an extended warranty for the refurbished product?

Refurbished electronics have a limited warranty period compared to new ones. So if possible ask for an extended warranty period to be on safer side. Check with the authorised or certified refurbishers for an extended warranty.

6) Is the refurbished product sold with the necessary accessories?

Some third-party sellers often sell refurbished products with missing accessories. So, before you buy check that all the accessories such as chargers, cables, cords, manuals, drivers, software or any other item for that matter are included in the package. Have a read with the complete description and full specifications written on the package.

With all these questions answered correctly, you can save a lot more than expected. But, be sure that you’ve carried out every necessary measure with due diligence before the purchase.

Contribution Of Veracity World In This Field

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