Recycle Or Repair? Choose The Right Solution For Your Retired IT Assets

Retired IT assets: Should you repair or recycle them?

The first step is the hardest! Whether it’s about making decisions on purchasing a brand new electronic product or it’s about deciding on how to bid a perfect farewell to your outdated electronics.

There are times when you get stuck with a whole bunch of retired IT assets gathering dust in your storehouse. The reason: you are not getting the right value. But, we can help you get out of this situation.

If you are no longer getting value from your old electronics, then our recycling and repairing services can help you put them to good use. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to give your gadgets a second life and do your bit to help the environment.

The Right Decision at the Right Time

Bridging the gap that calls for a perfect balance between every decision you make is crucial. Would you go for the recycling services or the repairing services? Which one will turn out to be the right choice? Well, it’s easy! Have a look at the following before you come to a conclusion.

It’s Time For A Repair

Get to estimating the cost, warranty, and age of the product before taking the decision.

1. Cost – Manufacturers have made electronics repair more and more infeasible for a layman. The times have gone when people could repair a decade old television right from the comfort of home without spending a penny. George Otte, founder and president of Geeks on Site computer says, a typical electronic repair job which includes replacement of cracked screens from iPods or iPhones (for instance) could cost about $100. Laptop and desktop repair could be more expensive.

Therefore, in this case, follow a simple rule: if the repair costs 50% less than the cost of a new product, it’s obvious that going for a repair is wiser – but again here, it would be beneficial when your asset is in the right hands. For the sake, today authorised recyclers are the best choice remaining. They perform recycle as well as repair services to give an eco-friendly second life to your old electronics. The technical experts of authorised recycling companies are well-versed with the hardware and software glitches. Thus, a repair with the recycling companies will not just be reasonable but will also save you from identity theft that’s rapidly taking a toll on individuals.

Let us make it more clear with the Consumer Report Survey held in 2013.

According to the response from 29,281 participants the repair rate of laptops had come down from 36% in 2010 to 24% in 2013. Followed by LCD TV repair rate dropping from 15% to 7%. More drastically, 53% of the electronic products stopped working altogether and 32% of them became functionally poor after undergoing a repair service. These were the general responses not including repair services of recycling centres which have picked up popularity recently.

2. Warranty – If you’ve encountered getting a part of the gadget broken within a year’s time of purchase then obviously you should contact the manufacturer for a free of cost repair. But what if the warranty period has expired? In fact, the Consumer Report says items rarely break down during the warranty period which holds good for IT asset too. Moreover, it is important to note that Apple does not cover the cost of the cracked screen of your iPhone even if it is still under the warranty period. So, instead of spending on repairing the cracked screen, you could resell the item to authorised recyclers in UAE or even ask for a quote to repair it. If the repair obeys with ‘50% rule’ it’s worth it!

3. Age – With some gadgets such as electrical appliances, the efficiency keeps drowning as the years pass on – leaving you with the increasing cost of utility bills. So, in this case, it’s not a bad idea to replace the appliance with a rather new and efficient one. Here you need to consider the cost of the bills instead of the cost of the product.

How to Decide on IT Asset Disposal?

A maximum number of IT assets are used in businesses and large-scale industries. However, a responsible IT asset disposal is still not to be seen in the business sector – as per reports, 80% of businesses lack an accurate estimation of total downtime cost (TDC) for their retired IT assets. Due to the fact, industrial sector loses as much as 20% on TDC. So, what should be done to reverse the situation? Or should we put it in this way: how to decide the right time for the e-waste disposal? Well, if you track your assets it becomes easier.

Track the record – Every business requires maintaining a timely record of every IT asset used, along with the details including information regarding the purchase, manufacturer warranty, and maintenance. Further, the record needs to be tracked to keep a check on the asset’s lifecycle. A detailed inventory makes the work more systematic and trackable. Besides, taking right measures to protect company data is another important task you need to manage if you do not want your business to be exposed to data risks. These are the basic protocols of IT asset management.

Let’s have a look at how to handle a situation when things go awry.

Case 1 – The equipment is working too slowly. It is breaking down too often and is meddling with day to day business operations. And, you may find that the amount of time and money you spend on the repair of equipment seems to be more than the cost of a new replacement. So, in such cases, you can either resell the outdated electronics as a whole and invest the money in buying a new product or can separate the valuable components to make use of the raw materials which are still in good function. In both the cases, the authorised recyclers can help you.

Case 2 – The equipment has completely stopped working, is too old to repair and does not meet the business standards anymore. In such case, you can recycle old electronics with the authorised recyclers. Authorised recycling companies that are run by experienced professionals and IT experts assure 100% safe and guaranteed data erasure of every electronic product along with safe recycling services that give your assets a second life.

Get The Right Solution From Veracity World

Give your used electronics the perfect solution with Veracity WorldRecycle or Repair? If you are still really confused with your IT asset management, just one phone call to the leading authorised e-waste management company of UAE, Veracity World can get the right solution for you in time. The company executes hundreds of repairing and recycling services every month with safe customer compliant procedure.

If you choose their recycling services, the IT professionals of the company provide on-site as well as off-site IT electronics assessment accompanied with a safe data removal procedure. If you go with the repairing services, any electronic gadget will be repaired by experienced professionals at a cost-effective rate. In both cases, your equipment will get a second life.

As the company is committed to improving the environment they firmly believe in repair, recycle and reuse – this gives a guarantee that your old electronics will be treated wisely.

Give your used electronics the perfect solution with Veracity World and you’ll be more than just satisfied.

Team Veracity