Your Old IT And Electronics Can Fund Your Next Upgrade. Know How!

Smart ways to trade in old electronics for cash

Everyone has at least a few old electronic gadgets that are either of no use or have gone out of date with the continuous launch of latest tech devices in the market. There are times when you want to buy a new gadget but are running short of funds. Other times, you just want to get rid of your old electronics. So, instead of throwing them into a trash or disposing of them in a landfill, you can generate revenue out of them and fund your next upgrade. It gives a sense of financial freedom.

But, before you take a step ahead, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the e-waste management world so that you get the best and safest deal for selling your electronic waste while staying away from the pitfalls.

Where To Sell Your Old Gadgets?

Where to sell your old electronics for cash in UAE

By Lee from Brooklyn, NY, USA (New 3D workstation) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Every business in the market is not authentic. Same holds good in the e-waste management stream where there are illicit activities of treating the e-waste with improper trading system. And there are instances where you don’t get the right value of the electronic item you sell. So, how will you identify the authenticity of the company before selling the e-waste? Here are some definite solutions to resolve this problem.

If you are looking out for the best price against your old electronic gadgets check for the authorised recycling companies in UAE. Authorised recycling companies always have a systematic and secured course of action for their customers. They work according to the global environment standards and are acknowledged with a certification from global and national level environment protection agencies. For example, authorised recyclers in UAE are R2 certified.

Few of the protocols followed by recycling companies in UAE reflect the authenticity standards:

  • The first phase includes assessment of the used electronics by trained professionals at the customer’s location. The company will evaluate the number of electronic items along with risk management analysis. A clear plan of action is made keeping customers requirements and security agenda in mind
  • The company comes to terms with customer officially regarding price, payment method, quantity, type of material and other necessary protocols if required
  • The company takes the responsibility of shipping the e-waste to their center with secured shipping system comprising of securely locked transport vehicles. In the majority of the companies, shipping service is entirely free of cost. Besides, you can track their shipping service anytime via UPS
  • At the recycling centre, a proper auditing of Product Manufacturer, model, configuration etc. is performed
  • Data sanitisation procedure is followed by a list of inventory sent to the customer for review and signatures
  • You can track the entire process from start to finish through the company’s Order Tracking System
  • After the completion of every step including recycling, Certificates of Proper Disposal are sent to the customer

How Much Can You Get?

Now when you know where to sell the used electronic stuff, the next question that arises is, how much can you get?

In general, the value of individual old electronic gadget depends on its viability. If the product is intact with all the accessories, hardware peripherals, and software in place, you’ll get a much better price. Nevertheless, a damaged or a broken piece of e-scrap is also worth a dollar!

Authorised recyclers always guarantee a good price that meets the market value. A price that is ready to fund your next upgrade!

More specifically, if you sell old electronics in huge bulk which are all in good reusable condition, you can, without doubt, generate revenue for a brand new computer with this quick cash.

What Next?

Ensure your data is truly deleted before reselling or recycling your old electronicsKeeping the cash benefits aside, a more significant step that is executed by the recyclers is worth millions of dollars! And that’s data deleting services.

Before you sell electronic waste, it is crucial to ensure that your hard drives are in safe hands. Often when e-waste disposal is done inappropriately, identity theft becomes the biggest concern. Credit card details, financial records and the most sensitive information of corporations and individuals could cause something more than just loss of money. Tampered data of a corporation may lead to the negative public image which is worst of all conditions.

This also happens when hard drives are not erased with compliant procedures – they can be reopened and breached for using it in scams.

For example, high profile criminals in Ghana habitually make use of drives in breaching information for local scams.

Thus, genuine e-waste recycling companies in UAE have a crucial role to play in data deleting services. For them, security of customer’s personal data is of utmost priority. After a thorough inspection of information sensitive gadgets, the data is wiped through standardised software systems carried out by technical experts.

The data sanitisation complies with manufacturer prescribed standard. If necessary a second (sometimes even multiple) rounds of data erasure are also carried out restoring the device to original factory data settings. In cases where the hard drives, memory, and other such devices are permanently damaged or have become utterly nonfunctional, they are completely shredded while the focus is on the safe destruction of customer’s sensitive data. Or in other words, they are secluded for recycling.

Depending on customer’s requirements all data deletion services our carried out on-site.

How Are You Getting Paid?

Another very important thing to keep eye on is having complete knowledge about how you are going to get paid.

Here it doesn’t mean that if the recycling company is paying hard cash it’s out of the genuine protocol. Many authorised recyclers pay hard cash at your doorstep before shipping the e-waste to their warehouse. Important is that you should get paid but a bit more securely. Especially when you are a corporation or MNC selling bulk of old electronics, looking out for secure payment methods becomes inevitable.

Some of the safe payment methods are listed below:

  • PayPal – Most of us know PayPal is one of the most secure and encrypted methods of receiving and sending payments.
  • Direct Bank Transfer – Having the amount deposited straight into your bank account is another better option
  • Cheque – This is safe but only to some extent. If you’ve verified the authenticity of the company then you can definitely receive the payment through a cheque.

How Veracity World Can Help You Receive The Best Deal?

If you really want to recycle for cash Veracity World is the place for you! It is one of the most dedicated e-waste recycling companies in UAE that keenly focus on customer’s data security, individual requirements and top graded environment standards for recycling. It maintains integration of customer’s data throughout the process.

Veracity World buys all types of discarded electronics that are obsolete, completely damaged, dismantled or wrecked at prices that stay on a par with the market value. The company is willing to pay good prices for any type of e-waste in UAE from corporations as well as individuals. Its mission is more turned towards establishing a green environment-friendly atmosphere rather than increasing profit margins.

Since its inception, the company has maintained an extremely seamless customer service record rendering their company’s recognition/growth with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Therefore, if you want to gather funds for your next smart upgrade, Veracity World can help you out achieve the goal with a quick, safe and easy method. Selling the e-waste will not just help you with making profits but will also save the environment.

You can contact Veracity World for general queries regarding the selling of old electronics or any other questions you may have.

Sell used electronics, make the kind of profit you desire and help Veracity World build a better future!

Team Veracity