Save Money on Old IT and Electronic Assets by Knowing your Option

It’s not safe to toss your old IT and electronic assets in the trash, so what can you do with them?

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Running a business tends to have several desks of IT asset that serves as the key infrastructure for day to day operations. But, at some point in time, your IT and electronic assets will no longer meet your needs. Either your equipment will become too slow or the technology will become outdated. And, at the same time, you can’t afford to replace them with brand-new devices. This is a difficult situation to handle – but not when your business is in UAE. Because UAE is emerging as one of the most cognisant nations who are well-informed with safe and profitable IT asset management.

Keeping up with the fact, there are innumerable options open for businesses in the nation. Thanks to a long list of IT asset management companies, organisations, online streams and small-scale initiators. A wide array of options will prove to be profitable and maximise your Return on Investment (ROI) if you understand the best next use for your retired electronics ahead of time. So to help your business minimize risk and maximise ROI on retired IT assets, Veracity World has listed out some holistic solutions for IT asset management.

Options for IT asset management are the opportunities with which you can get the best out of each obsolete or used electronic product. The three best ways you can opt for gaining the maximum benefits are:

1. Buy Back Programs

Most of the electronic brands facilitate the customers with the buy back policy with legislative and environmental compliance. They optimise the cycle of each electronic product by analysing its value.

If the product has a good resale value you can probably sell old electronics to the brand and get a new electronic product in exchange. For example, Dell offers IT asset disposition options by determining the value. If the equipment has no resale value it takes it further for recycling and refurbishment. Dell and other such brands ensure proper management of your IT asset with reliable logistics service at your office, home or any other location you choose. If you wish to resell, they provide proper shipment along with data handling process. For data destruction, the company offers on-site as well as off-site data sanitisation service with a completely secured procedure.

Alternatively, you can get refurbished electronics in exchange for the old IT and electronic gadgets. The refurbished electronics are inexpensive, offer equivalent features as the new ones and save you a lot on your IT asset infrastructure of the company.

2. Repair And Reuse

Repair and reuse are, in fact, a better way to gain maximum ROI from your end of life products instead of pushing a bulk of it to IT recycling streams. You will be able to save a lot on each item and add to your company’s economic upturn. Veracity World is one among the most authentic companies whose sole focus is on maintaining high standards of eco-friendly IT asset management. You might not be aware that your electronic scrap can still be put to use. Veracity World and other E-waste management industries in UAE offer repair services for a wide range of IT products including smartphones, all types of computers, network equipment, wearables, peripherals, telecom infrastructure and many other e-products.

3. Safe Disposal

E-products that have turned obsolete with no residual value are best to be disposed of safely through recycling and refurbishment procedure. Electronic device manufacturers, e-waste recycling centres, and retailers offer recycling programs from getting your product analysed to shipping the product to their centres. At the end of a successful deal, they provide a recycling certificate comprising information regarding product’s environment-friendly disposition treatment and safe data erasure.

The online EPA (Environment Protection Agency) website displays a chart through which you can get the description of companies and programs that offer genuine recycling solutions.

What Should You Do Before You Send Equipment To IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Company?

1.Prevent Or Minimise Damage

Tips for better IT asset managementEven a minimal damage to your used computer or laptop could depreciate its value terribly. So, while handling e-waste at your location always be careful with the assortment, packaging, and transportation. Create a space in your company where suitable materials, the right training, and helpful technological devices can set up accurate IT asset management atmosphere.

2. Stay Informed With The Latest Updates

The ITAD market is triggered by a rapid change in the resale value of used electronic devices. Every few months technology witnesses a new chapter of upgradation and resale value changes. Thus, if you act for the IT asset management at the right time and send your equipment to ITAD organisation, you’ll have greater benefits with the recovery solutions.

3. Maintain Intact Systems

Intact equipment with no missing integrals have far greater value than those with missing parts. With memory devices, hard drives and other system peripherals not in place you will lose a considerable amount of residual value from ITAD organisations. Keep your equipment as a whole or keep the spare parts that can be reused when reselling your equipment as a whole.

4. Avoid Physical Destruction

Highly confidential data like the proprietary data or the personal data in hard drives are physically destroyed by businesses. This would again add to decreased compensation for your IT asset. Hard drives or other memory equipment are part of IT asset management. On the other hand, you maximise the risk of data getting leaked. Instead, rely on ITAD organisations that deploy safe and compliant data sanitisation procedure. Get a data erasure certificate with the resale value of your entire IT system without getting your data falling into wrong hands.

The ITAD Knowledge Of Veracity World

Having discussed the best options open in IT asset management, Veracity World, the leading ITAD giant in UAE has the best in class services for their customers – as they are aware of the most prominent global e-waste management practices active in UAE and around the world.

Besides their repair services mentioned above, Veracity World’s smart team provides the best solution for your obsolete, retired or used electronic products. Equitable e-waste management service is the key aim of the company. Repair, reuse, resell, recycle and refurbish: These 5 R’s are the foundation of the company with the shared focus on environmentally friendly methods and customer satisfaction.

Team Veracity