Make Way for E-Waste Recycling: How We Can Make it Better?

How to Tackle E-waste?

From the very starting, we have been taught about the 3R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This waste hierarchy is the key to creating a sustainable life for us and our mother earth. It is a step by step guide that teaches us how to reduce the amount of waste generated in order of priority of actions.

Good news is we have started implementing these principles in our daily life in terms of domestic waste, garden waste and more. But in terms of e-waste, we are still lagging. If you are wondering how to incorporate these principles in managing e-waste, have a look at the FAQs discussed here.

What Is The World Doing To Tackle E-waste?

Constant efforts are being made around the world for finding the effective recycling

solutions. More and more nations are recognising the e-waste problem and executing initiatives in the direction. For example, by January 2017, a good number of countries had issued legislation to address e-waste problem which encompassed nearly 4.8 billion people – 66% of the global population in 67 countries. This was compared to 2014 statistics when only 44% of the world’s population was covered. This also included the development of e-waste recycling streams.

Furthermore, efforts are also being made in the direction for incorporating the ways to reuse the old electronic equipment. Businesses and individuals are finding out ways to reuse their electronic products in different ways.

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Contribute Towards Effective Recycling Techniques?

What Are The Effective Techniques For E-waste Recycling?Given below are the three most effective ways to contribute towards effective recycling techniques and improving the health of our planet.

  1. Introduction of Recycling and Garbage Receptacles – Recycling bins can be installed in residential areas, parks, commercial area campus and other public hotspots. This can be a great way to provide people with a reliable options to dispose off their e-waste for safe recycling. Places like Sweden have installed musical recycling bins that make recycling a pleasant experience. Other places like Chicago, Portland, San Diego have also installed trash cans specially designed to trash e-waste for recycling.
  2. Increasing awareness among the society for moving towards recycling – People have understood the importance of reduce and reuse. But knowledge about recycling is still confined to fewer places. Like people living in smaller cities and towns are still unaware of the fact that one mobile phone contains enough toxic materials that can cause serious health issues. Also, the recycling of laptops and televisions is more valuable than the mining of precious metals itself. If people get educated with the core facts of recycling, the implementation rate will increase drastically.
  3. The Increase of the zero waste initiatives: This effort includes the nitty gritty of recycling and along with that it also emphasises minimizing the e-waste, reduces consumption and use products that can be reused, refurbished and recycled. Many cities around the world are implementing zero waste initiatives that not just promote e-waste management in the right direction but also create awareness among people.

How Can Veracity World Help In Recycling E-waste?

Recycle, Reduce and ReuseVeracity World is a one spot solution working on the concept of 3R’s. Our recycling techniques are at par with the industry standards. Our e-waste handling operations revolve around reducing, reusing and recycling e-waste while keeping the focus on mitigating adverse pressure on the environment.

We at Veracity World are amongst the top contributors of refurbished electronics in the market. We provide used laptops that are fully factory refurbished to Dubai and the whole of UAE. We also deal in exporting the used electronics to the major parts of East Africa, Egypt, etc. Being one of the major exporters of second-hand laptops to Middle East region and African countries, we have under our name a huge customer base that is happy and completely satisfied.

Whether you are looking out to find the most effective way to treat your e-waste or are in search of a bulk buy of used electronics, we have all the solutions. All you need to do is find out your priority of actions and send us an inquiry for the same.

All the more, if you are unable to figure out whether your laptop is ready to be trashed for recycling, or still could be put to reuse after a repair – call us! We are here to provide you with an optimised solution for your used laptop problem with expert advice.

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