Veracity World: More Than Just an IT and Electronics Recycling Company

Veracity World Serves As Exclusive Dealer of Bessey in UAE

By far we have always discussed the detailed services of Veracity World targeting mainly the refurbished, second-hand electronics market, IT repair and recycling solutions. Veracity World is a leading IT asset disposal company that provides your business with a competitive advantage – the best technological solutions that are secure, responsible and compliant are found here.

But there is more that adds to the magnanimity of the services we offer to businesses. To know more about it have a look at the most frequently asked questions.

What Are The Other Services Offered By Veracity World?

Apart from the IT services that are being provided by Veracity World, we also deal in the supplying of major industrial solutions including Non-Destructive Testing, Cutting and Clamping, and Welding technology products. We are among the largest suppliers of industry solutions in UAE. We deliver comprehensive products and services that fully satisfy your unique industry challenges. In addition, we also serve as the exclusive suppliers of Bessey in the UAE.

What Is Bessey?

Bessey is a Germany based company that is recognised worldwide for its pioneering industrial solutions in the form of clamping tools, cutting tools, hand-held tools and more. BESSEY Tool GmbH Co. KG can be taken back with a 125 years glorious history. The company started as a normal product manual clamping tool in the mid-1930s. Moving on from there, the company has marked a lot of patents against its name. A series of inventions by Bessey including clamping tools, abutment devices, innovative clamps, integral components of a clamping tool etc. have set new benchmarks in the field of welding clamp technology, woodworking tools and metalworking tools.

Today the company stands as one of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world. It has been supplying about 1300 variety of metalworking and woodworking clamp tools in more than 100 countries across the globe.

What Type Of Bessey Tools Does Veracity World Offer?

Veracity World being the exclusive supplier of Bessey products deals in supplying of

What Are The Different Applications of Clamping Tools?Clamping tools for woodworking – Bessey tools make it possible that you carve out the best design using wood in an easy and reliable way. Whether you are making a furniture, laying a wooden flooring or applying woodworking to interior designs. You can find all types of clamping tools that make woodworking more fascinating.

Clamping tools for metalworking –  Of course, metalworking requires specialist tools. Bessey has a wide range of clamping tools for welding (welding technology products), holding things in the right place, for assembly work and lot more. You can find the right tools that match your individual applications and enable you to work with precision.

Cutting tools – The company provides the latest generation of cutting tools that are easy to handle and are made with robust technology. Whether you need customised tools for heavy industrial applications like plumbing, metalworking or for household applications. We provide tailor-made solutions.

DIY Tools – DIY tools give you the ultimate confidence to work out your private requirements in a professional way. Do you need a multipurpose shear for your dressmaking? We have it. You need an all-steel clamp to accomplish a table making task? We have it. You just name it and we will provide the best DIY tool.

Accessories –  A lot of professional accessories like handlebar, clamping attachment, extender, pressure plates etc. are required during metalworking, woodworking and many other industrial applications. These accessories fit in place accurately with Bessey clamping tools. We supply a full range of accessories that make your unique clamping task easier than expected.

POS Presentations – Moreover, we also provide presentation products and displays such as tool hooks, labels, mounting rails that help you enhance your sales. Additionally, these products make your demonstrations more appealing.

Does Veracity World Provide Reliable Industrial Solutions Just As It Provides Customised ITAD Solutions?

Reliable Industrial Solutions By Veracity WorldYes! Just like the ITAD solutions, Veracity World is a one-stop destination for industrial solutions too. The company offers the latest cutting-edge technology from across the globe and the renowned places and high-quality international brands within the reach of the clients.

We are glad that we have been able to constantly increase our customer base in terms of satisfaction, industry compliance and reliability. And yet we are striving and making the best efforts to source the best industry tools that match the kind of precision you desire.

Reach out to us for any type of industry solution that your business requires – we ensure providing your business with a competitive advantage!

Team Veracity