Used IT Gadgets: Should I buy a New One or Repair IT? How to Decide?

How to Choose Between Repair and Replace of Used Electronics?

People mostly face the conflict of interest whenever they need to work on making the choice between buying a new gadget or getting the old one repaired. Such choices mostly depend on the cost of a new product. When the cost of a new product is less, people often tend to buy the new one rather than opting for the repair and maintenance of the old one.

But if a user takes the long-term cost implications into consideration they may rethink before getting the gadget replaced. Hence before deciding on the course of repair or replacement have a look at the points discussed below. These can help you to make the decisions more comprehensively.

1) Shorter Life Span of Electronics

The bitter truth is, as technology is advancing, the lifespan of electronics is depreciating. Nowadays, the average lifespan of any new gadget is estimated to be as short as 3 years. On the other hand, encountering cracks, dents, and software problems have become a frequent issue. Hence, opting for a new purchase for each defect will end into heavy investments over a long period of time. But the good news is repaired electronics can perform as new if you approach a professional repair and maintenance company. With the repair solutions availed from professionals, the lifespan of the used electronics can easily be doubled or even tripled. This lifespan can be extended at cheap rates if we approach a genuine IT repair company like Veracity World.

2) Cost of RepairHow Cost of Repair Help in Making a Decision?

Of course, the cost of repair is highly important to consider. Nobody would want to pay repair costs that are as much as the cost of a new device. But, even this is important to note that not all repair centres are so expensive. There are IT repair companies like Veracity World that are working on a large-scale to offer repair solution at a fractional cost of the new one.

3) Environmental Implications

According to recent estimates, about 50 million tons of used electronics are replaced each year. At some point in time, we all are responsible for such a ridiculously large statistics that add to the huge amount of e-waste. And the one that has to bear these unforeseen consequences is our mother earth.

With the purchase of new gadgets every time we contribute to a long list of environmental hazards. Nevertheless, this can be minified if we choose the repairing options rather than going for buying a new one and dumping the old device.

4) Cost Of Disposal

Inexpensive repair and maintenance options for old electronics gives us an opportunity to reuse. And in the case of used electronics, reuse has the highest amount of environmental and economic benefits. Ultimately, if we repair our electronics we are reusing the electronics that could have turned into an e-waste. Conversely, if we consider the cost of disposal, including the cost of recycling and its environmental impacts, they are always high.

5) Local Economic Benefits

On a bigger scale, reuse is a major contributor to a circular economy. Further, if we choose to repair used electronics, the local businesses that deal in the IT repair will have more business – indirectly this adds to the local as well as national economy.

In case if the used electronics has reached a stage where it cannot be reused, a better option is to dispose of the IT junk in recycling or refurbishment facilities. Even this stimulates business opportunities which has a positive impact on the economy.

Why Choose Veracity World For Repair And Maintenance Of Old Electronics?

Veracity World takes the centre stage in the market when it comes to providing low cost and quality repair solutions. It has the technologically advanced team of experts that have knowledge and skills to carry out different level repairs for any make or model. It has the necessary experience in the IT field to execute repair, recycle and refurbishment operations most efficiently.

Veracity World has a universal agenda of saving the environment from harmful e-waste and saving your money from squandering of investments. The company makes sure you receive an up to date repair service that brings back the original functionality of the used electronics. With that, it also saves you from making unwanted investments in the form of new IT gadget purchase.

We all as tech-users need to understand that if we are investing we ought to invest for a goal. That not just gives our money the opportunity to grow but also helps us afford things that we need the most. So, if you want to invest for a purpose, do it now with Veracity World!

Team Veracity