Role of IT Companies Towards Green Computing

How Can IT Companies Contribute Towards Green Computing?

The IT industries are bringing in the technological improvements at a great pace. But in the excitement of developing and innovating new technology, we have inadvertently forgotten to examine the negative impact of the technology on the world around us – at least to date.

The kind of picture that we can see in the real world today – increasing global warming, environmental pollution and carbon emissions, this is the time to act now. The awareness to mitigate these negative effects is already in the air. We would like to give a little bit of acceleration to this growing awareness by unfolding the benefits of green computing.

Environmental Challenges Imposed By The IT Companies

The emergence of new technology begins from the IT companies. Hence, IT companies have a role to play at the forefront when launching advanced technology in the market. However, over the past years, a parallel effect of manufacture and use of advanced technology is directly visible on the environment. Some of the primary factors responsible for this are:

Consumption of non-renewable resources – Technology is manufactured by extracting precious metals like gold, silver, copper, steel etc. The manufacture of technology demands a huge amount of water and electricity. The electricity consumed in the process mainly comes from exhausting non-renewable resources such as coal and petroleum. Air, water, noise, and heat pollution are also produced due to the process involved in the making of technology.

Waste Generation – It is not that technology produces waste only when it turns obsolete and needs to be disposed of. Even manufacturing of technology generates a large amount of waste in the factories called ‘technotrash’. The technotrash includes hazardous and non-hazardous waste which needs to be disposed of using special methods while adhering to the environmental compliance.

Carbon emissions – Over the last century, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have doubled due to carbon emissions. This factor is directly contributing to global warming.

Technology manufacturing factories are one among the significant contributors towards the release of harmful greenhouse gases. Every stage of manufacturing leads to carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. This include:

  • Extraction of raw materials for production and packaging
  • Sourcing of water for production of components
  • Consumption of electricity and gas to power the factory and the machines
  • Use of cooling systems while testing a huge amount of hardware
  • Consumption of non-renewable fuels for transportation of components and the final product

Disruption of Ecology – Factories are often built in the outskirts of a city. They are built on clearing land which was home to different kinds of trees and animals that form a green ecosystem. So again, this interferes with the natural cycles of the environment leading to disruption of the ecology.

Health hazards – Researches have shown that the toxic materials used in manufacturing technology can cause fatal health problems such as cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome and even obesity.

How Can IT Companies Play A Pivotal Role In Manufacturing Safe Technology By Adopting Green Computing?

The solution to all the discussed problems lies in adopting green computing. Green IT or green computing is the art of manufacturing, using and disposing of the technology in an environmentally friendly way. The central idea is focused on achieving sustainability, efficiency and environmental and human safety.

How Green Computing Can Enhance Energy Efficiency? Attaining Energy Efficiency – IT companies need to focus on manufacturing products while using less energy. Also, an additional need lies in launching energy-efficient IT products in the market that consume less electricity.

Even other IT companies have a role to play in green computing. Data centres all over the world consume a massive amount of energy in the form of fossil fuels. To become energy-efficient such companies need to recognise this and switch to consumption of renewable resources to power the data centres.

Also, the IT department in companies needs to adopt green IT by focusing on their energy consumption, data collection and technology management. System administrators in companies should support green computing decision making by analysing and collecting specific data. Different ways should be explored to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company.

Improving life cycle – According to reports, as the technology is advancing, their life cycle is decreasing. Computers, laptops, mobile phones, and TVs are becoming more complex. Hence, IT manufacturers need to embrace innovative ways to improve the life cycle of technologies.

These IT companies should perhaps bring back the tradition of the good old days when TV sets, radio and other home appliances were easy to open and repair even by a layman. This cannot just increase the life cycle of electronics but also comply with green computing and the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, repair).

Safe electronics – Manufacturers also need to minimise the use of toxic materials in manufacturing products. Electronics that are made with eco-friendly materials can help protect the health of citizens and save the environment.

IT Disposition – Along with the users of technology, even the IT companies need to dispose of e-waste responsibly. Parts that are non-usable should be recycled. Plus, materials such as aluminium, iron, copper, and plastic should be recovered and reused.

Green computing is not just an obligation but an opportunity that, according to Gartner predictions can save companies a substantial amount of money while improving their value in the marketplace.

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