Imagine What Life Would You Have Without Electronic Gadgets

Life without electronic gadgets

“Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets”. Without any doubt, electronic gadgets have become the biggest obsession of 21st century. And why not? They have made our lives so easy and our lifestyle so efficient! But just like every other aspect of our life, electronics have a positive and a negative side too.

The questions discussed here give us an insight into how the use of gadgets is affecting our lives. And with it, we also discuss few potential solutions to overcome the negative impact.

Why Are Electronic Gadgets Good For Us?

The foremost advantage that came in with the advent of electronics was ‘faster mode of communication’. The evolution in technology has reached the peak of communication. People can see and speak to their loved ones from any corner of the world. Virtual business meetings and conferences have reduced the time and cost of travelling. And, technology as small as a smartphone has all the features to connect with the world just with a tap.

Use of electronic gadgetsAnother advantage of electronic gadgets are the very popular mobile apps. These computer applications have transformed the monotonous telephone into multipurpose devices such as smartphones and tablets. Hundreds of features available with these pocket-computers enable us to perform anything from anywhere. Apps like location trackers help us track the location of our loved ones to avoid any kind of emergencies. Some others enable us to book travel tickets, order a taxi within a few minutes. And yet some others connect us to doctors, lawyers or any other professionals offering best possible service.

What Are The Cons Related To Electronic Gadgets?

The fascinating lifestyle with technology has forced us to overlook the cons associated with it. One important fact reveals that 90% of adults today have their mobile phones within their arms reach for 24/7. This proves that gadgets have turned into an obsession rather than a need. Ironically, this behaviour is inviting a lot of disadvantages associated with it.

Microwave emission from electronic gadgets leading to health hazardsAdverse impact on our health – Electronic gadgets emit electromagnetic radiation causing a negative pressure on our nervous system. Some scientists have associated emission of the radiation with cancer.

According to studies, staring at the screen for an extended period of time may cause visual fatigue. This leads to other health disorders such as insomnia or disrupted sleeping patterns. When we use devices, we tend to use our fingers. Hence, this exerts adverse pressure on our fingers and hands. One of the most common health condition arising with the use of gadgets is disruption of posture.

Negative impact on our environment – Our planet is paying a lot more than what we are paying for buying the latest gadgets in the market. Often with negligence, people are always waiting for the upcoming launch of a new gadget. Prior to that, we never give a second thought on how our e-waste must be disposed of. Hence, gadgets are seen in landfills releasing their toxic, non-biodegradable substances into the air, water and soil. As per the International Energy Agency, the use of gadgets is increasing at a fast pace threatening the environment with greater amounts of carbon emissions.

How Can We Save Our Environment?

Recycling of electronic gadgetsIt is good to have the latest technology in your hands. But with that, we shouldn’t forget our responsibility towards our e-waste and eventually our environment. Proper e-waste management is the right solution for safe disposal. It includes recycling of the e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Recycling process helps in assortment and extraction of valuable materials which is then reused in manufacturing a fresh new gadget. One of the biggest advantage gained through recycling is that it reduces the demand for raw materials. In addition, it curbs the use of the enormous amount of energy required in extracting them.  As a whole, it decreases the carbon footprint of our planet.

How To Recycle Electronic Gadgets?

Environmental friendly recycling connects you directly with the recycling companies. These companies are widely recognised as e-waste management companies that provide e-disposal solutions to individuals and businesses.

One such company is Veracity World that is involved in the industrial level recycling process. They are a well-equipped envirotech company serving the people of UAE with eco-friendly e-waste disposal solutions. The company offers to recycle, refurbish and repair considering the benefits for their customers as well as the environment.

The future implications of using the electronic gadgets depend on your decisions. You surely must have understood it after reading this. So, let us use them wisely and remember to recycle.

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