Reselling your Old Electronics - Are you Getting the Right Value for your E-waste

Selling old electronics? Top ways and places to get the best price

Every day a new piece of technology arrives in the market with new upgrades, better features and attractive prices. And, every day millions of consumers across the globe flood the online and offline electronic markets to buy the newly launched products. Perhaps you are one of them!

But what about the previously used gadgets and appliances piling up in your attic? Do you know even the tiniest dead memory card is worth a penny? Waiting and storing the e-waste for a long time would depreciate its value. So, instead of storing the e-waste in the house or disposing it of in a landfill(which is harmful) the best and safest way is to resell it to an authentic recycling center. Read on to know more about how to cash in your e-waste.

Understand The Importance Of Reselling

According to reports, many residents of UAE are unaware of the proper method of managing e-waste. So, the first step towards serving the e-waste with proper disposition is awareness.

Citizens should be aware of what happens to the e-waste when it is discarded inappropriately. First, if the e-waste is dumped in landfills, the hazardous metals present in the old computer desktops, mobile phones, home appliances seep out and pollute the soil, water, and air. Even more, the toxic materials take about 100 years to degrade. This means these toxins keep polluting the environment until they degrade. Eventually, the water flowing through the landfill absorbs the toxins and contaminates the groundwater which is used for drinking. On consumption, the water causes kidney diseases, brain damage, gene mutation, cancer and many such lethal diseases.

Second, when the discarded electronics are dumped in the landfills, people and young children make the ends meet by scavenging the electronic junk to recover valuable metals like gold, silver, iron and copper. The amount of time they spend on the landfills poses real danger to their health.

Why should you recycle or resell your old electronic gadgetsThird, many e-waste recycling centers who promise to treat the e-waste with most environment friendly processes actually are involved in making a profitable business out of it. BAN (Basel Action Network) a non government organisation(based in USA) established to ensure the prohibition of transfer of electronic scrap from developed to developing countries carried out a study which revealed that some recycling companies in USA were shipping off the e-waste to countries like China.  There are people in developing countries who risk their lives to earn a living. This is an example of an illicit e-waste trade going on in many developed countries.

Fourth, if you are throwing away the e-waste without deleting your personal data, your old electronic products might end up in the wrong hands.

Thus, it’s good to give a thought before disposing the e-waste. Because that one thought can change a big deal of lives and also save the people and ecosystem from detrimental elements.

Things To Consider Before Reselling

After having read about the dangerous impact of improper e-waste disposition, it’s important to consider a few things before reselling the e-waste.

  1. Check For Authorised Recycler – Always go for a certified company. The Basel Action Network is dedicated to issuing a certification for a safe and eco-friendly management of electronic scrap to every genuine recycling company. If you are handing over the e-waste to a certified company then your e-waste is in the right hands.
  2. Check For Data Deleting Services – Most of the green recycling companies in UAE perform deletion of data before sending the e-waste for further process. Even if you’ve forgotten to remove any kind of personal data from the device, the company ensures full safety by permanently deleting the data from the system. Data deleting service is an integral part of many organisations involved in recycling and refurbishing programs.
  3. Ask For Certificate – Large e-waste recycling companies in UAE always provide a certificate or a document of acknowledgement for reselling the e-waste for a green cause. This makes you feel a responsible citizen and you have a proof that your stuff is in safe hands.
  4. Check For Safe Payment Methods – A genuine recycling company offers payments through bank transfer, PayPal or other safe methods which best suits you. So, check for it accordingly.

Best Places To Sell Used Electronics In UAE

UAE is actively working towards shrinking the landfill size in the region. Along with the municipality recycling programmes a lot of recycling centers are advancing in accomplishing the goal of recycling and refurbishing waste with the green method.

The residents in UAE have the availability of abandoning their e-waste at the municipality offices from where the scrap is taken away to recycling centers for refurbishment. For residents of Dubai, the municipality offices located in Deira, Al Karama and Al Manara readily collect the e- scrap.

Initiatives like Green Truck Recycling, a division of Enviroserve UAE can be helpful for many residents in Dubai and other parts of Emirates. The waste collection service that provides weekly door to door pick up of waste such as paper, plastic, glass, metal and dead electronic products carries the waste to other UAE based recycling factories where the waste is used as raw materials in manufacturing new products. All you need to do is find out if the service is currently available in your area.

Another free waste collection service known as Home Cycle offers gift cards and cash prizes in exchange of e-waste and other valuable waste materials. You need to sign up online through their website and find out the list of materials recycled by the company. For doorstep pick up, you need to make a list of waste materials and update it in your Home Cycle online account. For every waste item you recycle, you earn points which can be either cashed out or donated to charity.

Another best way to recycle for cash in UAE is through the recycling industries. Companies like Averda, Enviroserve, Recycle Emirates, Computer Services and Scheibye are among the authentic recycling companies that accommodate a well-organised procedure to their customers for e-waste management.

Benefits Of Reselling E-waste To Recycling Companies

The recycling companies accept all types of broken, damaged or dead electronic products without any obligations. They always deliver a free quote to the customer and deal further only when the customer desires. The customer can ask for a free quote through their WhatsApp numbers directly.

After the customer agrees with the quote, a pickup is scheduled. The company executes the responsibility of shifting the e-waste from customer’s place to their warehouse with cost effective shipment services.

After the e-waste has been collected from customer’s place, the company carries out a detailed documentation process which includes all the information regarding data destruction carried out by company administration, complete auditing and certificate of proper disposal.

The company makes the payment according to what best suits the customer. They make sure the customer hands over the e-waste with complete satisfaction.

Veracity World – Advantages Of Reselling

Want to sell your used electronics? Get a better deal with Veracity WorldVeracity World is not just another recycling company. It is one among the most preeminent e-waste management companies dynamically moving forward to treat the e-waste in UAE with their years’ long expertise in the field of e-waste recycling and refurbishment.

Their services are not limited to recycling. They offer safe and sound solutions for every old piece of electronics lying in your storehouse. The services offered are just one call away. A team of professionals arrives at your destination, examine the e-waste and offer an optimal quote with best e-waste scrap prices running in the market. Upon your agreement, from the pick up of the e-waste to the processing of payment and documents, every bit is handled by the company vigilantly. In this way, if you want the right value for your e-waste accompanied with a safe and secure treatment to your e-waste, Veracity World is the place for you.

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